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The back and forth over iphone 10 continues cnbc ran a couple of conflicting opinions on tuesday down on the whole thing as c l s a analyst nicholas burn fat while he's not down on the phone he just doesn't think numbers are going to be as good as some had expected quoting his note we maintain the 2017 fourthquarter iphone tonne volumes were at thirty to thirty five million units and we are very sceptical that volumes will increase in the first quarter of 20 18 this does not reconcile with the expectation of pentup demand or push out of the first quarter of 2018 in our opinion consumers who wanted to get an iphone ten in december of 2017 already have it that sort of makes sense though there are a couple of things to keep in mind first of all two thirds of december had passed before iphone ton hit supplydemand balance additionally it did that in europe and the us though not everywhere if memory serves whatever the case at things any expectations of more than thirty five million iphone tonnes sold this quarter will prove too high hey just thought of a couple of other points first apple doesn't break out sales for individual models so powerful who know whether he's right and second chinese new year's coming up next month i'm not saying that gets iphone tend to 36 million but that should push more than a few sales i said cnbc ran conflicting opinions being a bit more bullish was piper jaffray analyst michael not gene munster olsen while he doesn't seem to have named an exact number for iphone ton sales he.

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