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Me. He's actually kissed me. He hasn't done against ads but yes yes. I think when you when you've got child who's a little bit different Those little things become absolutely massive. But there's some ingredient magically that and yes there are holidays Around but they're also days when it is just wonderful and fox hunting and completely magical and my son is one of the funniest people i know Like i laugh at loud him. most days. lauren getting messages. Say thank you for bringing this up and creating this space. You're a slightly different stage of course to lab. How are you feeling now as you go forward with this laura positive nosy so swollen two days. That's an always tickets in one in classroom suggesting a very very nervous about that. But i'm so pleased that did reiten and i just it just came a place of wanting to be heard and wanting to share and just sitting here. I think you could call video one. Lauren gibson and claire walker and on thursdays program. We heard from parents of disabled children who say they find themselves being blamed or under suspicion when they ask for help. You can listen back to that on. Bbc sounds and your emails came in. Francesca said i feel very grateful to have had your discussion about senator. Today i have a six year old son who's been diagnosed with. Pd is a little known condition under the umbrella of the autism spectrum. It's been an emotional struggle but we're very lucky to have support in place. It was good to hear your guests and remember that when not alone. We've all had horrific moments at soft play that we can laugh about later now forty years ago this week. Thirty six people from a campaign group called women for life on earth marched from cardiff to the greenham common. Raf base in. Newberry embark shirt to protest against the british government allowing us nuclear missiles british soil realizing that marching was not enough many state at greenham to continue their protests and we're joined by thousands of women from all over the world to form the greenham common women's peace camp. They stayed there for almost twenty years. In what would become one of the longest and most famous examples of feminist protest in history. While last week another group set off from cardiff to commemorate and follow the roots of the original protesters rebecca. Morton is one of them. She was taken to green and by her mother. Aged five and is the co author of out of the darkness. Green voices nine thousand eighty one to two thousand a book which shares the recollections of many of the women who lived at greenham common including say first rebecca. Morton told them where they were during their walk. We are optimistic. Telling each other reminding each other..

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