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Folks around you and if you let that, sit, ride your fucking racist. Ask crackle to. If if you lay up under that shit like if I if I'm on and I see a girl getting raped. and My mother fucking room and do something about it where they go said I. Ask the jail anyway because we black. But I mean that's part of my responsibility. Because I see you and I let it happen and walk away from their means you a crackle to. The other thing is. If, you have opportunity to open the door. For black person and let them through, I ain't even asking you to create none for black people, because that's our relationship to be honest, which white people really imitate something? Kayla Mohamed taught me. He said David Banner. All the highways all the buildings out here. If you did check this out time. You go like this if you didn't do nothing if you didn't touch none of that Shit, right What would happen to? Highways and everything. If you didn't drive on, didn't touch and what will happen. Grass would grow. It will turn back into the fours. If you leave God alone God will be God if they fucking black people along. We get shit together every time. They ever loved I alone in. History Black Wall Street start up. We start getting sick. Think about this as soon as black people start getting conscious white people start making. Black Panther start putting black people in more black movies, so it would give the illusion that we're getting. What is really doing is your ability to get your fucking self? Leave us the fuck loan. That's what you do. My opinion. Just do what the Jewish people did. To what the Koreans do. Shit you know what we did. We didn't understand. We copy fuck paper. Right copy out the fucking paper. Baio. She easy shitting Hor. Shining man. We must pool our money. Yeah? Why don't you most people gotta? Admit they want to be a crackle. Do. They do. Anything else. Already go home. Go home. Anymore questions Yo. They are no health insurance company. Is,.

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