Huber Green, SAM, Oregon discussed on The Paul Finebaum Show


And uh but anyway i love was that was that was that the era when uh when when huber green was playing there too now i'm not that old okay sam okay that this was that this was after that so you were sam was just playing okay i get it you're you were you're there out there sure he rejected the damn fifteen years older than okay oregon i saw saying about a year ago arzamasov by sam was not only professional golfer he was a professional caller to the show yes he was i remember his nickname was our phone bill had brennan on jon ossoff's um uh you know every day well that was that was that was that was a good still wizards monitor it certainly one of the best courses around uh no doubt no doubt about it and tell us entail uh uh the now gim about the issue with with his wife it is far 500 top ally mogae could straddling britain's nick that block well i have met jimbo's only think in uh my wife and i guarantee your mandate yeah you know i have a friend my tell me they said you know you know what your mit 'cause i used to speak lot you tell jokes and the guy told me to you know you know what you're missing from your near repertoire in ex wife anyone anyone home anyone who has the next library there is this a million jokes and i when i don't have any that to thought out there birmingham.

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