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He said on by one of them were writer songs. Either john ringing. Whoever rather or john and one of them say Have you heard of this before even in to like i think so you know so yeah understand that like i read some of the lot reading as you can see I read something else. They don't know where do songs come from. In one of the theories. I heard is that the songs that we feel that our original ashley are like maybe tolman nation or a hodge podge of everything that we ever heard in from that we kinda form original things or pieces that we call originally got any thoughts on that. Well you know. I would say you're right. There's billions of songs out there. So i mean somewhere along the line. You're going to have that mistake of doing a copyright infringement now unfortunately well hopefully for the artist or band that made it or created so they fight if it's way back in the day i think there's a certain clause where it says if it was so long go then can't get you know i've read up on the laws of something like that. But for instance we get a blue someone time and we put it up on youtube and somebody came back and said hey that's copyright infringement certain piece of the notes that you're using the beginning and i sent it back and i said i'll see you with a lawyer because that rift that's particular blues. Riff has been used throughout the blues century of music so they couldn't get us work because every blues singer used it exacts so it wasn't a copy for you just have to really be careful. I mean it's like will you. Dang dang view said there are so many songs notice for fatou..

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