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W. GMTV Morning news team weekdays 4 to 10. The team Hagberg phone line for Black Club Chicago, Jen Sabella with some extremely local news today. Good morning, Jenna. Let's start out with the new drive in Movie theater opening in Chicago. Good morning, Bob. I actually really excited about all these new driving popping up around the city. It's pretty fun, but yes, Soldier Field is the latest To get in on the drive in theater craved we already There already are new drive ins in Lincoln Yard Pilsen and Lincoln Square in recent weeks. Starting tomorrow you'll be able to go the Boulder field parking area, and there will be a drive in their first up his first Bueller's Day off. We 38 30. But starting at seven, you could show up and they'll be live music. Food and drinks than DJs. So you know socially distant activities in your car or pedestrians are also welcome, Toby stations eight feet apart. From each other. So, yeah, you're also walking or biking over to soldier field. We'll be able to come and it's $55 per car. I'm not quite positive yet how they planted handle pedestrian. But that counts too. However, many people you have in the car as well as a bucket of popcorn, and a dollar of each ticket will go to the Greater Chicago who depository summer nights. It's driving. Perfect. Let's Yeah, Let's talk about what's going on with the couple and Ken would now and what they're doing. So this is so cool, You know, as early days in the pandemic, people started feeling a little not cooped up and in other cities across the world, people are singing out their windows. They practice pan, but a couple in hand would took it to the next level example. Coffee and Yekini Ivan Aku. They started doing these elaborate sets from their front porch every day. They have speakers and drum and they would being on Sundays. They would you got full. They would do dance performances and people from all over the bloc would come and dance in the front yard or dancing street and bring their kids and it really Connected neighbors during this really isolating time, and they did 105 straight days. So starting in March, when it was a lot chillier out, and until this past Friday, they they just ended it because people are kind of going back to normal and there was less of an audience for it. I mean, pandemic not gone, but people are no more going back to work or not. Hitting it matter on the house as much as they used. So it really was a beautiful thing. There's a video embedded in our story Black called Chicago dot org's. It just shows that the last performance, but it's really just moving. There's like a mom and her son out dancing on the sidewalk while the couple performed from their porch, and they did so joyous and very divided and truffle Pyman are are alive. It's nice to be neighbors coming together, and everyone said that, you know I've learned my neighbour's name like throughout the 105 days, so really brought the block together for the long haul, You know, nice to hear about stories like that. Also the story out of Jefferson Park about that seven year old girl and what she's been doing. Yes. Haley or Linsky, absolutely adorable seven year old from north one tied up in Jefferson Park Shi. Her mom wanted the new the lot And he said he heard early on in the pandemic about the lack of P p e at hospitals and, you know, doctors and nurses scrambling to get mad and he wanted to do something to help, which is just Adorable and she started making these rubber Bhambri flip that she already had, like make, but she started making them in math amount and doing custom colors for people and donating the proceeds. Hillary Children's Hospital, and she's already raised more than $14,000 for the Children's hospital. Kobe really fun which is incredible, she said. She just eat, sleep and make bracelet. About 100 brief with the day on, there are $3 piece she had some VIPs. Customers that include Marah worry light, but Governor Pritzker and Hamilton Starr Miguel's abroad, but she's really getting the getting a lot of attention for this and it's It's just great, and she's not going down so you can order a bracelet. You're going to go to our website back from Chicago to organise a link to where you can order a bracelet from Haley. And you can pick you know forthe colors or what? Were you want or even let Hayley come up with her own color cos that's really nice. So ah, the lorry Children's hospital benefiting and she raised like almost 15,000 right? Right. It's it's unbelievable. And she's like you know what? I'm still going. So the company that makes these bracelets called rainbow loom on Did they have the brake flick it and they found out what she was doing and sent her a ton of supplies. So she she stocked up and she's ready to keep making bracelets. So if you want one, now is the time to put your order in black club Chicago dot are far more. Thank you. Jen will talk to you tomorrow. Think Bob had a good one. That's the extremely local news. Now let's get to the Steve Sanders report to the nation. It's 81 degrees at 7 30 Good morning. I'm Steve Percentage. 12 states now hitting new seven day averages for Corona virus cases. We'll have the latest.

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