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Then coming back Friday morning it's never bad coming back for early Friday right everybody is out shopping or yeah still sleeping by the way I did see I I haven't checked it out check it but when I checked yesterday there are a lot of open seats on my plane really more than nor about well it's never I'll say this because I'm flying to Charlotte then the buffalo there's never an open seat when I fly to Charlotte brown and sometimes and I don't know why there is but I know that Christmas still it's through the roof right to fly I use my points to fly back my miles to fly back because I mean I've flown so much from in its still between eight hundred and nine hundred and thirty dollars to fly round trip to buffalo wow and I guess it's not just on American it's on a lot of other airlines going I know that of a body of a friend of mine his mother died in and they decided to have the memorial because all the relatives are scattered across the country decided to have the memorial in February because plane flights for through the roof wow and some of the family couldn't afford to fly back up they wanted by the time where they could have the memorial all at the same time right everybody everybody you know get there yeah and it's and it's like everywhere it and so I you know I don't know if that's now I'm I'm flying into a wedding in Portland in February and last I checked the price was three hundred fifty nine Bucks so yeah I mean if you get past the new year I mean and it it's as you get past the holiday season but they've really jacked them up for the holiday season this year yeah thank you for Christmas right so yeah but what I got no problem blinds piece of cake ever since I flew with the Thunderbirds twenty two years ago dive winds easy yeah you you do everything they do in the show you take the nine Jeez getting out of regular flight is like yeah I can relax yeah I'm the only thing I don't like about flying is the process going through the airport and you know flying itself getting on the plane that's actually the relaxing part of it for me I turn right I turn my brain off yeah for what I go to the airport getting bill get the parking space prepaid parking in our parking is of your prepay right up close like seven and seven and a half Bucks a day not normally twenty four right is that is that because of uber I think it's all the competition with the off site parking and and everything and uber and lift in all of it yeah yeah you know because if if if you're going to that's basically for for any airport that's enough so right parking yeah and so you know you you want to make sure you maintain that and you make it easy for the for the customers and you can you can do that you can do can fill those spaces no doubt but they were filling him a couple years ago when twenty two yes it was I don't know that that's that's central it has to be it has to be uber lift in an off site parking in at least in our in our our town eight six six ninety right I tips from JJ Keller and associates incorporated on the drug and alcohol clearing house personal information beginning January sixth driver information will begin appearing in the D. O. T. drug and alcohol clearing house your employer medical review officers or MRO's and substance abuse professionals or SAP's will all populate the database with violations and treatment information here are some examples of what will be included positive drug tests positive alcohol tests of point zero four percent or higher any refusal to submit to a D. O. T. require test and documented actual knowledge of prohibited drug or alcohol use all of these items will be included in your account the clearinghouse will also show when drivers successfully completed treatment program negative return to duty tests and win follow up tests were completed when you're clearing house information changes in any way.

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