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He doesn't become president unless we're in a society that's about amusing ourselves entertaining ourselves to death. Our final question is what's the first show. You wanna see when broadway reopened. Of course we are not. We don't have a ball and know exactly what's coming back or not moulin rouge. The musical people may judge at me at me. I dare you on obsessed with that show. I love it so much. Sonia tie alex timbers geniuses every performer. I love how it makes me rethink pop music. I love love story. I mean just also like come on artists clawing their way to do the thing they wanna do. Seen it so i'm excited when it comes back Love it for everything that it is. Everything additives and i cannot wait to be in that audience. If you go to australia you could. Aren't they in australia. Well not yet but they are planning a date to australia before they have a date to open here And i will say that like no disc to australian talent at all. And heck yeah. I love australia. And i will go back there and will see that cast. Because i'd love to just see a new cats do it. But like i wanna watch my i wanna watch daniel burstein drive in herder. I wanna watch ricky role haas and saw an erin. I wanna watch that. Cast on list who. I have seen no less than four times. Do it again us to well. Thank you so much. I think you might have hit a record. On page two stage as our longest episodes..

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