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And i i agree sanctioning from abc news shine shucks couberton president trump back at the white house after a rally before cheering fans near pittsburgh campaigning for the republican in this tuesday's special congressional district election and also against sounding optimistic about prospects of talks with north korea's leader tanaka to said missiles think of it they're not sending missiles up and i believe that i believe that i really do i think they wanted to do something i think they wanna make peace i think it's time and i think we've shown great strength i think that source illinois a few days to deadly standoff have been resolved in california we learn who the gunman was who held three hostages and killed him before killing himself at a veteran's home and treatment facility and napa valley abc's marcy gonzalez in jaen phillies on this aspect in this hostage standoff with year 36yearold albert wong he was a decorated army veteran who served a year and afghanistan and he was actually treated at this facility for ptsd a relative of one of the victims tells abc news that he was asked to withdraw from the programme at the nonprofit pathway home two weeks ago because he quote wasn't fitting in today police went into the rest of the man and pomona east of los angeles after a tense standoff at an apartment complex after an over seventeen hours standoff the alleged cop killer was seen being taken out in what appeared to be his underwear in handcuffs pomona police chief michel all a very says the gunman is accused of firing at officers after a vehicle chase killing officer gregory casillas greg is a hero amanda be looked up to casillas was a new officers sworn in last september he was about to complete field training he leaves behind a wife and two small children alex stone abc news los angeles the trump administration is deciding to go it alone the justice department proposing to ban bump stocks those devices that turned legal weapons into machineguns used in the las vegas massacre you're listening to abc news news radio time is 900 to federal officials want an immigration hold on a man denver police say caused a fatal accident last sunday 26yearold ivan costed nada is charged with the hiccups homicide and hit and run he's accused of running into a semi truck on i seventy last weekend.

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