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Jackson, who was his co star on Um Oh, the one is Debby Ryan Jesse. She did Ah, attribute to him, Cameron Voice on dancing with the stars the other day, and you know between that and then this news. It's like you realize what a huge Enormous loss. That was, and by all accounts, the people who worked closely with him all felt very similarly about what kind of a person he was. And he was way too young way too young. So it's just heartbreaking. So young, but was Jesse on Disney Channel? Yeah, because he was also a part of descendants. And I got to know Cameron voice because I really wasn't watching the Disney Channel when he was a star. Through this documentary called Showbiz Kids on HBO. That was this year, and they talked to Cameron Voice in detail before he passed away and he was really insightful about being a child star. What it took what it took from him and how he wanted to move forward in his career, and it's just so unfortunate. That he never got the opportunity to really transition into full adult started in a way that he should have it so sad. Camera boy's died by the way last delight he was just 20 and that happened while he was sleeping. Epileptic seizure. Dwayne Johnson is celebrating the fact that he's now reached 200 million followers on Instagram, making him the most followed Man in America. Johnson in a video directed fan shirt. A toast discussed the milestone in order that he has learned always to speak his truth. And when you do speak your truth, do your best to speak with dignity, compassion, respect, poison empathy. Rock rode alongside the clip, even when the conversation's get uncomfortable When you approach with respect and care, on the other side of discomfort is clarity in progress, he said. Soccer star Ronaldo has the most followers worldwide on Instagram with 238 million while Wow who has the most as a woman, is it Selena Gomez? Not her, but kind of close. Close. Help Colleen trying. I can't. I thought it was Selena Kylie. Oh, don't say that. Ah, first initial, Ai R. J. Ariana Grande was right. Can I just say that? I think one of the reasons why so many people out of the rock. I feel like he's the human manifestation of a successories poster. Oh, that's good. I wasn't going to see that. You're totally right. I was going to say like I just can't believe his physique and so oh, so you're just going straight for not like in a sexy way more and like, how does that happen? A lot of protein. Wait, Lift. Do you remember when he posted a picture of all the food he eats? Yes. Yeah. Yes, it's it's really just something to Marvel Act. Yes, It's sort of this like weird, voyeuristic. Curiosity. Oh, yeah, because well, you look at the rocks day to day schedule, and you marvel at the fact that his whole cheat day Is five platters of sushi that he takes out and like, that's his cheat, and it's astounding. So congratulations to you, Rock on your caloric consumption. Yeah, it really is.

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