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Something new every season that you can apply to each year kind of thing but definitely a lot better this year some of the adjustments i'm mad this offseason turned out really well for me and you know they translated right away so i'm really happy with that and think it's going to give me more consistent at the plate when you're out watching other people play different bring it brings back some of the you know the fun aspects of the game the longer you play can it can drag on you know become a job but when you're out and you can't play you you start to miss it and then it becomes more fun former law who sal romano got the start for the reds today gave up two run homer in the first inning then settled down retired seven straight washington nationals but in the sixth inning bryce harper built it along homerun what's the catch the kid right field ice grab the models not real thrilled but he's a reds fan but the kids happy about it five three nationals ninth inning harper again he hit his first home run of the season earlier that's his second gave the nazi a six to three lead and it was a big one because in the bottom of the ninth inning phil goslin would belt a two run homer for the reds and made it a six to five ballgame that's as close as gods billy hamilton the plates in the bottom of the ninth inning with two outs and takes strike three called update at six five that's the old board obviously we all settled videos something's going on here maybe we're all feel a little old it was sixty five was the final meanwhile the cod is wrapping up their opening series in miami addison russell's off to a good start this year after strengthening his problem shoulder in the off season hitting the ball well and playing addison russell defense garrett cooper to the whole russell slides backhands and throws on target great play by russell in the second inning then with the marlins threatening in the fifth it's going to be russell again the audio rivera shot up the middle he roughly going to the right time goes to the.

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