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Degrees clouding up a little bit in Boston right now it's one thirty on your Wednesday good afternoon I'm Laurie Kirby thanks for being with us here's what's happening this hour he does not that's a controversial statues in the north tenth he clicked with more on our top story the beheaded statue of Christopher Columbus in Boston's north end is being removed and put in storage while crews assess the damage mayor Marty Walsh says the city will take a serious look at whether to put it back up this particular statue has been subject to repeated vandalism here in Boston and given the conversations that was certainly having right now in the city of Boston that's what the country was going to take time to assess the historic meaning of the statute in two thousand six the head of the same statue was removed and went missing for about a week from government center Kim Tunnicliffe WBZ Boston news radio the mayor also said he's meeting with the Boston police brass today this afternoon discussing the budget however he said de funding the police is not the solution to racial inequities in policing still demonstrators here in the Commonwealth and the nation or demanding reforms WBZ's Karen regal Astor homeland security expert with the future of policing might look like homeland security consultant attorney Terry Downes agrees that we are at a crossroads they have some sort of a societal reckoning about what it is we expect the polite he does say an officer with a record of that former officer Minneapolis who knelt on the neck of George Floyd should not have been protected laws to protect police he says are being abused in some cases if a cop is that many complaints says downs there is a problem either you're having the world's worst black and in explaining it to unreasonable people who are going to the police chief and complaining about you or are more likely to something seriously wrong the way you're going about your duties Karen recalls WBZ Boston news radio Boston is now bringing it stay at home advisory in line with the states the city is now calling it safer at home is lifted the curfew will requiring all but essential workers to stay at home between nine eight nine and six in the morning those of you who venture out will still have to wear the face coverings though with exceptions for babies and people with certain health conditions.

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