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We can spend a night slamming me. I honestly I think happens everyday. Yeah it would not be much different than the show Thursday all right so last night a seven hour game yes between the Arizona diamondbacks and the Saint Louis Cardinals no one no one wants to sit through a seven in our game not the people at the game not the people at home. Not The people playing in it yet you Steve Mason refuse to do anything to prohibit it from happening again tonight. What what percentage of games go past the twelfth inning. I'd say less than five percent one point two percents. That's why I'm saying. This is a solution in search of a problem but here's the thing what percentage of games go past eleven eleven innings yeah the less than five percents percent yeah yeah. I mean we're talking about. We're talking about a miniscule number of games right but no but any number of games even one game lasting seven hours particularly. Liam meaningless game is is just is just a waste your time in no other sport allows this. If this happens in soccer they go penalty kicks. If this happens in hockey they go to a shootout if did have it. NBA They go to overtime right but and they play as many overtimes as it takes to break a tie. It's no different right but here's what I think they should do. All all right the college football overtime is basically starting with a runner on second they give each they give each T. Not The college football overtime the the the twenty five overtime which is great. Yes really excited yeah all right. GimMe three cardinals gimmie three diamond Max homerun Derby after the twelfth. Let's go which three taken homerun Derby. Maybe you get nine pitches. I get nine pitches. Send whoever you want as should not be settled on a gimmick should be settled on a gimmick. Well what what's what's it any shootout. What's this. What's the soccer kick penalty. Don't don't don't mix your sports here. No No. I'm saying the reason they do that is to keep from playing a seven hour game right but the reality is that that's exactly what the NBA does the NBA keeps playing over Jimmy. I've never never had seminar game ever but keeps playing over time until the tie is broken. I don't the difference between that and by the way it's an extreme circumstance. We're talking about less than two percents of games. Go past the eleven th inning right but no one wants seminar game. Here's what I would do with the NBA. I would say in the rare instance right that it goes past third over time and you have a three point shooting contest. You have skills competition like the NBA all-star under no horse. Yeah Gamma horse advocates and know what I was. GonNa say is Jump Ball Yup first team to score or wind. You really WANNA game settled. W I do it seven hours long you really WANNA game settled down grasping the whole that no one wants to our the idea that this these instances are so rare. I virtually never I mean literally virtually never happen. Buster is coming on and twelve minutes. I I betcha. He's going to say that. There are people in baseball that WANNA do what I'm baseball look. They are under huge pressure to shorten games. I mean I think we're GonNa see a pitch clock. I think we're we're GONNA see every single gimmick in the world. This one I don't I again it is so rare and by the way one of the Great Games I've ever attended was the dodgers dodgers versus the what was the eighteen inning game and the play Offs Red Sox the months long. We all know you left paralyze. You know your game early. the nobody nobody deserves to have to sit through a seven hour our game and nobody deserves out to play. Nobody is forced to sit through the game. No I know there's not it's not the time. This is no the whole point the cardinals but knowles and the diamondbacks are forced. They can't leave. They can't get up and leave a game. Is this not a solution wanting this argument for me. I I do not like seventeen inning games. I think it's kind of ridiculous to accept if it's in it's in the postseason totally different. Anything goes in the postseason. I I'd be okay with that by the way postseason you can get rid of my gimmick. That's all season. You always hockey. Do they play twenty minute over again in the World Cup. I don't what you know what though the World Cup they did go to a shootout remember any chest pains in the in the Olympics in the men's shoe. One of the reasons since the day go to things like a shootout is because at the core of football and soccer. It's a TV event right baseball's a regional sports network thing but still nobody should have to sit through a seven hour game. I mean come on. I think the worst part about it is it could be a game like Cincinnati and Dan sure Florida teams would mean that mean absolutely nothing that they're going seventeen in any way are you on the on the Derby for the window. Put away the Homerun Derby dodgers great at it you said Muncie and Bellinger in Jack Petersen I agree with the Non Gimmick for the win. However I am coming around to the idea of having ties in baseball ties take nobody wants to tie tie after what ty after thirteen tie after thirteen nobody wants to investigate not giving point four hours on something to your point. It's one hundred and sixty two game season and you're playing every single day. The game could go to four thirty in the morning and then you have to turn around and play the game again at twelve o'clock the next day because it's a getaway flavor of a time in favor of which may favor of I've Homerun Derby Heck Yeah. I'm in favor of doing nothing those one point five percent instances do nothing nothing do nothing. They've got to figure out a way to not because it's the people that are there. I mean it's about he'll plunkett. Solution is always to do nothing yesterday in face and I believe in taking in fasttrack if you stop paying you have to do something you said I think there should be. I'm okay with tanking. I understand understand it. It's a quarterback driven league. If you think you can get a franchise quarterback who's GonNa who's GonNa electrify your franchise for a decade. You should lose every game that you can yeah the tanking games on purpose. You lose me. I just think that that's that's get used to your league a win. Agai- am Ba has been doing this for years tanking has been going on but they don't do nothing. They then draft water. How long did they finally do something yeah but what it was. It's it's been one year since they put an solution otherwise it's been years and years baseball. It's part of building a franchise. NBA It's been part of building a franchise. NFL in the rare rare instances like the Miami Dolphins. Were they see a franchise quarterback and they want want him. I understand the reason to tank. I wonder you're trying to remember how blatant the colts tanked. The year that Andrew Luck was the number one pick was as obvious it is is it is also often suffer. Luck became thing yeah I can't remember. It just seems to me if you're incentivizing losing. You've got it backwards. Look if it means I go through one losing season one disastrous season to get a quarterback who is going to be great for a decade a franchise quarterback decade as a fan. I'm willing to excite but what about if the if they adopt a like what the sixers did a trust the process. We're going to lose five years on purpose. Did it work. I don't know one yet it worked. They're going to be competitive every single year. They're one of the favorites to go to the NBA finals. I would argue that. It were absolutely absolutely. Don't they have to make it to the finals in order for to work. I'm talking about accumulating talent. Did they do a great job of accumulating talent absolutely they did. I I would say they missed more than they hit they hit on Simmons and Embiid they missed on Franchisee Wales faults and Franchise Player Simmons and Embiid Michael Carter Williams obviously you don't get them all right but they hit on two of them and there are the cornerstones of the franchise I would argue. Did that was a success yeah. I think they have to win in order for taking part of the game tanking as part of the major league baseball it's part of the NFL aw it's until recently and by the way I I would argue it's still part of the NBA Dany when openly tank in baseball this year Marlins Marlins Orleans are tanking the padres. I think they were at the all-star break. They were like five hundred yeah. I think they reached a point and then all their young guy so they spent three hundred million on my China. They didn't blatantly tank the MARLINS Kinda did. The marlins outright tanked marlins right so plus. They're only coming up next. We'll talk to him about that and and we'll ask him. who's right about seven hour baseball game. Should we keep them or should you end up on a homerun derby which I had like this killer ties excellent. Bergman would like to war steady ever mason and tie. SPN everyone gets a ribbon K. Quick Plug here. There is a great chance that L. L. AFC is going to clinch the supporter shield tonight which will be the first trophy in L. AFC history. This is a big deal in the MLS and a little bit later on GonNa talk to Dave Dental the Voice of L. AFC on radio our buddy and of course everything is going to be driven by the thirty to fifty two tonight all right so when we got that game for you. Let's settle this baseball argument. I say that there's never ever a reason to play a seven hour baseball game. No one wants it. Mason Jason who wouldn't add like this traditionally he wouldn't have lights on the baseball diamond if if he was allowed to go back to that and Bergman says just in the game a tie we bring in the voice of reason buster only who's nice enough to join us every week from ESPN's Sunday night baseball buster. How are you I'm. I'm doing great but you're all wrong. Okay so but here's my here's the heart of my argument that a seven hour baseball game is not good for anyone anyone it's not good for the broadcasters the fans the people invested in watching the game and and especially for the players. I'd be in favor of starting with the runner at second base like they're doing in the minors enters in at the start of the thirteenth inning doing a Homerun Derby after maybe five hours anything to avoid a seven hour base here is your arguers the heart of my argument it this this is a solution in search of a problem less than two percent of Major League Baseball Games go past the twelfth inning even less than one percent go past the thirteenth breath. It is a rare problem that we have a seventeen inning game. I think things stand as they are and last but not least Bergman. What would you do according to that the same thing that Canadian is saying because it's so little that the there is a tight. It's not gonNA make a difference Jewish first marlins. You would take call it a tie buster the floor you've heard the arguments. The floor is yours. Mlb do about what we saw last night a seven hour game yet just an aside we had the Indians phillies and Sunday night baseball last weekend and so on on Saturday. My daughter goes to college in Cleveland. I went to a game bought..

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