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I like play ice hockey two or three days a week you know I'm in the old P. C. J. I'm in good shape for my age I'm at right I'm a good shape for my age no I keep up with the young kids everything else but you know you know I I get tired muscles get sore I'm AT T. and all that good stuff so I noticed just by taking this product for for a month then it within a week I'm not as tired as you used to be the G. muscles feel good I feel like my stamina is better than a wide feel better than I did and I wasn't really complaining before it was funny I was starting to I feel like I was getting older now and I'm not feeling also that my feeling feeling older anymore H. Y. yeah I am but you know I feel like I'm in my forties I feel good I like I said I'll keep it up John place place play RT games with the young like your guys are twenty thirty years younger than me and what I you know I was able to keep up with him playing and do all that good stuff I haven't been sick early the houses been sick so a very interesting good I ended up getting a cold after thanksgiving and usually it always it always goes to my child there's never not even a usually it's just always close to my child and I end up having to go to the doctor this time I took nine of the balance of nature for two days an ex hold only cleared out I was very impressed because I have not every time I've got a cold for the past five years it goes into my chops and it didn't it cleared up right away I have to say are you know the taking the balance of nature I I I look at the videos our that doctor Howard yeah specially that one long three hour preset take sure what I actually watch the whole thing I mean I like the science side like the are you know just everything about it is is rock solid I think it's wonderful add on yeah I have no wrinkles on my face I'm sixty years old I have old hair you know I'm I'm just happy with hello and your product yeah our yeah apap really sold off the product I love it and balance of nature when I first saw the commercial I I I like that might be why it had to happen welcome back to our show we just heard our top success stories of the week and I want to invite anyone listening.

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