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Who knew. Yes. Okay. Guys handle morning crew on a Tuesday. Yes. It is time for handle on the news. Late addition, Jennifer, Wayne and me late story. Yes. Playing at theatre by the way for another week. I don't wanna missing and in the rain, real rain. Right. Oh, yeah. That's real rain in the theater, go figures. All right. More rain possible LA county this week, and I guess they're not going to measure sto pack anymore. They're done measuring. But it's just going to add lightning and thunder and downpours yesterday. Missing all of it where I live where was this and my house, I think right over the top of me in Glendora San Gabriel valley into the I definitely got it yesterday afternoon. But yes, so it was lightning thunder yesterday. Downpours at time. I've forgotten lifted entire bag of dog food out, which is now soupy dog food. But dogs love that. Now. Now, even they turned their nose that it was twenty five dollars worth two great anyway. So we've got more rain coming in Thursday and Friday this week not a lot of it. But just enough to make you oh bring everything in from outside. Oh, that's me. Again, Sandra bland has been found dead in Texas jail. Remember this story after twenty fifteen there was a traffic stop recorded interaction with the trooper. And now there's newly released cellphone video..

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