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Said it's going to abandon the Trump administration said it would start pulling out of the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty from tomorrow, unless Moscow undertook to destroy missile. It said was violating the accord. But Moscow insists the missile has been modified to comply with the treaty. The British car industry has said uncertainty over Brexit has contributed to an alarming slump and investment. It's a further. Sign of the economic consequences of Britain's decision to withdraw from the European Union. The society of motor manufacturers and traders said investment in the car industry at fallen nearly eighty percent over the past three years while production Nastya dropped to its lowest level since two thousand twelve it's chief executive is Mike Hause if seen this downward trend is becoming much more pronounced in the last six months or something of that shows that investors are holding off waiting to see what's going to happen with Brexit for committing further in. Investments? And when you're not making investments that only undermines your productivity and your competitive because you're not getting the latest equipment investing in the plants the machinery, you need to make sure he can compete globally that is a very very worrying factor. The attorney general of New York state says it reached a settlement with four companies that sold fake social media activity on platforms such as Twitter and YouTube Letitia James says the case establishes that the sake of failed fake the sale of fake, followers and fake likes constitutes illegal impersonation and illegal deception. The conservative American Senator rand Paul has won five hundred eighty thousand dollars in damages and medical expenses after being attacked by his neighbor and a dispute lawn maintenance, Mr Paul, a former presidential hopeful said he had feared for his life. After gene Bucci assaulted him and broke several of his ribs because he was unhappy at piles of branches the Senator left on the boundary between their lawns and Kentucky mister Gutierrez is to appeal. BBC news. This is the inquiry on the BBC World Service with me Kavita Puri each week one question four expert witnesses and an answer. Peter has no parents and lives in an orphanage. He attends his local school in Kenya. It is lucky to have a teacher who recognizes his ability. She teaches him to read and write gives him books. Talk hours, discussing them. She makes it to secondary school years later this teacher meets pizza at a conference. He's now a director of education, he even support ten members of his community. Life has turned around. As a success story all began.

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