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And is a former model and and she's twenty nine years old and she apparently is very competent lovely everybody's seems to like her while she is involved in a romantic relationship which is confirmed with this now resigned white house aide rob porter and rob porter self has a fairly impressive background he's worked for a lot of very very respectable republicans like senator mike lee of utah senator rob portman of ohio he worked for years for senator orrin hatch of utah the guy's also a rhodes scholar and a graduate of harvard law school of harvard causing k e he has an impressive background and are are are we supposed to do now demand the resignation of the white house chief of staff general kelly who i think every single american whether you're democrat republican independent your be grateful the general kelly as there because i think he has broad better operations to the white house since he took over from rains priebus who also by the way was a good guy but was just unable to bring any order to the operations of this white house general kelly as on much better and yes apparently he sometimes has shouting matches with the president but good for him because he has a marine general and a threestar general he can stand up to the present and that is appropriate i i do not understand and maybe if you understand it better than i do you can explain it to me because i'm kinda dense on this what is it that suppose to happen on this how is it that you're going to turn this into additional grounds for impeachment and complain and for negatively this is just pure democratic partisanship and i don't like it i mean i think it's it's shameful this is not there are all kinds of.

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