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Craig Jones was absolutely I'm gonna call HiAce Jones tie trae trade Jones trae young all seas. And you're gonna get fairly. You're gonna have ties. Yeah. His ability at the top thing. Ball fake Shaath? They get it to the middle be patient and the guys that they just the simplicity of what they were doing. Was real was really impressed their impressive. The one thing. The one thing I would say about Zayn Williamson is you're gonna have to you know, he hits his first three, right? And like, I wait a second here. But I think you gotta live with that moving forward. You know, you gotta play him the where you keep them in front if he wants to jump up like he did in the middle lane and find jump up like you did middle lane. But you can't let them get that big body on an angle because potty good on an angle with like when they let him go. Right. They took away. Let him go right right now next game, whoever they're playing army, whatever is going to know, we got a square up on him and just keep in front and so much easier said than done, but may they're fun. Can't we bitch worries is is so premature for document they're going to they're going to be fine. I think the biggest thing is this is a two part thing for Kentucky right now. You've got to be truthful, and the film don't lie. So I mean, you got to be truthful, but then and you've got to be demanding. And you non-negotiables two things that, you know, us not trusting each other. That's not sharing the basketball us being selfish us, not Boston are tail to get ahead of the ball transition not closing out. That's fine. Then you also have to build your team back up. And then I think the biggest challenge for Kentucky. And I really believe this. They got nine like pieces, and you know, what they need three guys to separate themselves. Because you have nine light pieces and things go a little bit south little bits out. You can say, well, you know, he's not playing that. Good wine. I play or he's not you know, why see starting a he missed three in a row. You know, coach is not on him is hard on me when I miss a couple and all of a sudden a team that has likes each other can separate. So I really believe that they've got to have about three core guys separate themselves still play nine, but it's not a democracy. You know, three core guys are gonna play thirty plus minutes a game. Right. The other two guys that's gonna leave ten on each of those positions. And then the other two guys that you might play those guys twenty and twenty but you're not keeping nine happy for a long season less unless you're blowing people out maybe goes to two ships again. Ooh, you play. This. We play there. I guess right now just got headache. When you reports of their demise are greatly exaggerated, greatly exaggerated guy. All coach get the kids, right? You always go back to your own experiences. We went to the final four ninety two first game of the year. We get absolutely. I mean, not killed destroyed in the in the tip off hall of fame. Classic by UCLA with Don McLean, and those guys Tracy Murray came back in and beat them by thirty five in the game to go to the final four. So. Month from now, you forget about it. Let's go there here. Begging other game played in Indianapolis as well. Number one, Kansas Michigan state, and Kansas different Kansas team going on with Kansas basketball when it comes to basketball played on the court. They're kind of an interesting makeup. She got transfers. You've got to lead freshman, you've got a mountain masquerading as a man in a as a bookie what was your take? This is to Kansas in general, forget about Michigan state. What was your first take on Kansas? I really like the freshman guards. I'd love Quinton grime Seth..

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