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Am wake three pm. Go do these sports broadcasts at six. Pm you know so but but now on I i don't you know. I'm not in korean. I'm not a partying now so I now i. I'd say i don't know is night twelve pm or twelve is that i thank you all right. You got to wait. That's midnight qualifies for a night owl. You don't think midnight qualifies for now. Now i would be in one. Am to am. I thinking too. I would kind of lean towards one am too am too like i'm married but i don't have any kids. So maybe maybe like. I don't know if the kids dynamic changes at that much that you guys are crazy. I i'm not married. And i have no kids and i'm in bed by eight thirty nine o'clock that's crazy. You're old man already been. Hey it's a urine early fish al on air but we'll take it because you cheated. Sorry we've all i want to know. What amman green does like you in bed early. But you're playing game so you're probably not all but anyway I'm in bed early if you want. If eleven pm is what. I'm trying to get to bed. I'm trying to get into bed by eleven. Wake up by seven. That's my plan. Every little yeah. Try to stay consistent schedule except on the weekends when i play video games a little later but we are different story. I'm with you there. Say i'm i was. I'm a night owl. They'll stay up late and able to up at a decent time will rest it what i do when i stay up late. If it's passed one. I make sure no matter what i still get eight hours of sleep. So i'm waking up at nine o'clock equal it like us. One-two-three kalama fingers. Okay eight hours. That's when i'm waking up or seven hours. That's when i waking up so yes and i. I am a night owl. I like know. I suppose as opposed to should add to so my. My wife is from south korea. We met over there and she still runs a little nonprofit over there so she operates on korean time allowed time. So she'll have meetings. I go into like midnight. One am sometimes so sometimes it gets pushed back by that. Simon night owl sometimes but not by choice. Okay part-time part-time. Yeah all right next on this or that and we're going back to cartoons again. Amman loves to go to mid nineties cartoons angry beavers. That's my okay. Inc angry beavers off real monsters. I guess arts. I guess they do that he. He always his hands in the air and he held the eyeballs in his hands. Lots there's yet. I know the show. So are real monsters. Had a greater media reach than angry beavers and it was so so Nickelodeon was one of the channels that we didn't get when i was a kid so we didn't get to.

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