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Virginia by chef 1108 get a $49 furnace tuna by calling 809 four 8 Mike Traffic and weather on the H to rob stallworth in the WTO traffic center Thank you Chris looking pretty good on the beltway in Virginia but seeing some slowdowns on the interloop as leave 66 headed toward route 7 and Leesburg pike uncertain if we have one Stockton roadway or folks headed toward Tyson's to go shopping Traveling 66 is a good run as you leave Gainesville headed through roslin I 95 southbound expect to be on the brakes leaving lord and head across the akka quant and down to one 23 brief delays toward the Prince William Parkway once you get past there you are clear toward Fredericksburg north Dan I 95 and R three 95 look like a good ride as you make your way out of Fredericksburg headed toward the 14th street bridge or express lanes appointed in the northbound direction Dump free's two 34 southbound leaving I 95 the crash near route one is blocking the right lane with a tow truck on scene to get those cars out of the roadway there Otherwise in bristow Bristol road between lucasville road and old church road are under police direction for the emergency work for some downed wires there No problems being reported in Maryland on the beltway through Montgomery or prince George's counties to 70 remains clear through traveling on I 95 you're pretty smooth Elk ridge 100 eastbound ramp in north down I 95 was the report of a crash also one 75 westbound near one O 8 in Waterloo road that was a report of a record as well You may be on the police direction traveling on three O one and route 50 going across the Harry nice Mac Middleton bridge in the Chesapeake Bay bridge still with wind warnings and effects so please keep both hands on the steering wheel hydesville was two 14 east Spaniard bright seat road and Hampton park boulevard That's where we had the report of a crash uncertain if that is there or not The traveling in the district I two 95 in D.C. two 95 looking good as you make your way between national harbor and eastern avenue southeast southwest freeway running well as you make your way between the 14th street bridge and a lemon street bridge Give has been trusted for over 60 years by the Intel community and brought a federal workforce to provide dental vision and other supplemental benefits enrolled today gebel dot com slash open enrollment I'm rob stoller Traffic Rob thank you Now let's check to four day forecast from storm team four meteorologist Lauren ricketts not too shabby today Yeah we've got the cloud cover out there this morning We've got a few showers skirting by the area but all.

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