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To combat and why pay off my seventy five hundred dollar and maybe one credit card which would korea oh about five hundred fifty her too i mean basically a zero balance what what is the what's the balance on the investment account okay their leisure with a virtually no money well it pretty much well at bogor to count my wife now some money on the side cash a meeting invested already donald that's pretty much one one other than trying to create the money virtues about every month where she can afford tom job and a parttime job cleaning doctor's office the makes some extra money for a week live on her income we are living honorary income and that's what we've been doing for the last two and a half years now you haven't been draining your savings well so what are you going to do out of money and are not i live on our income i'm sorry what are you going to do when you run out of money in you're not able to live on her income well matt right now we were from out so we're gonna living niro balance every month for the last six months down what is she making a monthly income around the court werner after coup around two thousand between the job okay and this gets rid of five hundred dollars if you do this worthy bills can you live on her income if you do this oh yes so your budget you can make it onto thousand dollars if you didn't have these to.

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