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Of seven one dot com he worked his neighbors okay all right I've watched a couple of episodes okay yeah of dead to me yeah season two great I gotta say the thing that is saving it season two is just how good it Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini are in this show they're great because the stories get it it kind of feels like a stretch to me a little bit sure it was like a we just think these two are so good at it they're so good in this that we have to keep it going but I'd say maybe it wasn't so necessary for sure not necessary but I thought despite the fact that it does require a bit of a leap that it's I don't know I just like the the quirky twist and turns in I still had myself sort of working through a house is gonna unravel right you know and did you make it through the whole season I can't remember a whole thing done don't don't you feel stressed out by going out god what now this one here stress is not a reaction that I have to shows and movies often in fact huh the I wish I felt stressed I guess more by shows because what it means for me is it's so difficult for me to get past like they're actors with their trailer lie all made for this really care about this project that's not good I know thank you god I kind of forget that they're famous people and you have to very difficult for me all isn't that interesting yeah yeah so I and I think I might have to do with why I don't cry at things often even though I'm an emotional person I don't cry it shows that convene thank you for asking me I feel like when I watch something if I have a physical reaction to it as far as emotional emotional reaction as that which can be physical too because on I feel like they're doing a good job job well done yeah right like I don't care what I feel if I feel something that's good enough for me so distressed feel good then in this case because it's all right you're getting stressed no it doesn't feel good but I feel like they're doing a good job because I love her they made me feel that way like anxious why don't wanna look like oh god you love horror movies right now really stress times we went to see the quiet place to go you know what and that to me isn't what scares me I'm afraid of ghosts okay well you should do a lot of thoughts on that issue and that they are terrifying to me I don't recover for months sometimes years yeah sometimes I fall asleep during the.

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