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Little rv thing that we're it while we're so glad to have you here let's talk about the packers playing the worst team in the nfl greg yeah don't get caught up in the worker too i picked up so it's day and i know the packers are not looking at this like an owen twelve team that yes on paper the packers should beat them but games on played on paper they're played inside your tv set so when wants his game one of the strengths of the browns is their defense and they stop the run pretty well one of the areas the packers have really leaned on the last couple of weeks is the run again when they tried to lean on the quarterback brett humbly to go very well that was gained against baltimore but two hundred yards rushing in that whenever tampa bay really impressive so if this has become a strength of the packers offense however it'll be going up against the strength of the grounds defense so they're all twelve yes but not every aspect of the browns is the worst in the nfl bedding said do we think that the team has found out who they are now with with brett humbly a quarterback well yeah it if the it's a little inconsistent but again i think routing the offense through the running back some really playing through limbs important it's crazy to think about that because you've got jordy nelson and randall carbon davante adams but elson hasn't achieve more than thirty five yards receiving since on we started grabbed it even see a ball last weekend so the packers have been proven the ability to win at tignes here by using the running backs now look the browns are lastplaced t the buccaneers are lastplace team the bears are alas boys there we can win those right and that's why you have to do here to become seven in six and as soon as the clock had zero if the packers win the biggest story football becomes will aaron rodgers return well let's talk about unfurt the average viewer like me i like to consider myself watch every sunday i don't know all the ins and outs everything but let's talk about their their hopefully going to stay alive for the playoff race.

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