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And she wants to be around on MERV. We'd be like that. I don't know what might and my boobs move. Yeah it's awesome up. Sorry Age is GonNa tell a story about one of my friends He was arrested. Her are he's no longer with us. I won't say his who he was but He was with a sixty six year old woman and while he was like twenty the five and he he was like it was the best because it was horrible. Yes we call that again. He was also like like controller. Six six you won't see. Yeah absolutely cut to the chase. I think so and they know the good restaurants by at that age. They know where to go. They know a decent place. You can also now Google and find that out yelp reviews on that person's profile other wants to cross reference if they know what they're talking about because when you get to a certain age you start forgetting things to say and then maybe you might WanNa just here to promote anything. Anything I wanted to see you and say you would have text me and said Hey I'm in town I'm here. I know I know clue about and are always. He's coming in until I got here today and I was like I said you need to understand something by Tommy said. We don't share a phone. We actually don't talk at off. Aw Heck Manning Johnny Carson scumbag he literally when the show ends he just walks out. Yeah in Waukesha next Wednesday I can promote something I was given an exclusive thing I can promote I'm going to Los Angeles as you are New Year's Eve New Year's Day are you doing both. Those shows shows far wrassling. We're doing them. And I'll be teeming with David arquette. Unfortunately both nights and on New Year's Day. It's I've just been told that David and I against Joey Ryan and Cul Cabana also. ooh that should be a serious catch. Can Act just tax. Can't that's what will be the opposite of what we were just talking with m. l. w. about their athletic lettuce based hybrid strong style. Imagine imagine a match between Filthy Tom. LAWLOR RJ city. Like I think they would just stare at each each other for twenty minutes. I don't think I don't think there. I've wrestled RJ city. He he does like to play some games on the microphone. I I believe one of our times. He sang a song of the time. And every time we had a feud going on for a little bit in Toronto we had a little bit of a feud where it was facing each other. But he's he's a good wrestler Hustler but he prefers just to kind of. Do these things put it this way. I can wrestle but I don't okay I get it. I understand remind you of a young Paul Roma it does yes who also looks great by the way and can still work. Apparently I don't know about that I. I saw a picture of doing a top rope elbow from like last year. Really so yeah. Maybe that's my mania weekend. Max Is me and Paul Roma I will say. There's a lot to get in to discuss. I mean lies even here I oughta hear about the tag team with David Arquette. Yes I want to tell you about here well tease. Don't say anything you don't talk. We'll be right. Well wait you know. I'm going to tease what we're going to talk about when we come back. I WANNA get into David Arquette and want to get into your guys relationship as a tag team. I definitely definitely want to get into more about the wrestling t shirts because obviously you have tastes for shirts I WANNA get into. We'll talk about and then I was kind of hoping that you might be able able to sing a show tune for us. Yeah well what rights too serious have. Do you have the SONDHEIM catalog. I signed a son. The biggest contract. You everything everything is yes if you don't know Sirius. XM THAN LISTEN UP Commercial Free Music Plus sports comedy. Talk 'n news. They had it all a lot of people. Think you need a car to enjoy choice Sirius. Xm But you don't. You can listen outside the car right now.

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