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So there's been a lot of discussion about the issues between brady robert kraft bill belichick throughout the season and offseason yeah bell jack was asked to be spoken to brady about his future and as usual bella check doesn't really say much you know i've had a conversation with tom i mean many times obviously through a long period of time in all rely on those conversations i have with indirectly directly rather than something else so tom i've always had a good line of communication dale we'll talk directly with each other see changing so all rely on those instead of anything else odd he's going directly to the source instead of believe internet rumors do now you've said you thought this was the last year for yeah i think still sick and with that yeah and i think they're i think it'll be like nineteen years and i think it's getting harder and harder and harder and i think this your andrew luck comes back in the steelers will be better and to sean watson's really good and derek cars got gruden and i think it's going to get tougher but i think we're we're over blowing all this stuff a little just ask yourself this the last four drives of the super bowl for new england were touchdown touchdown touchdown driving and a fumble if tom brady doesn't get hit and tom brady didn't fumble it would have been touchdown touchdown touchdown touchdown and we wouldn't be talking about any of this stuff i i think we're all kind of prisoner of the moment and i think after you lose the super bowl out care let's like lebron when you lose an nba finals for derek jeeter if you lose the world series for three weeks to a month you kind of disappear you struggle with it you have some sleepless nights you question how long you want to do it but in the end he threw for five hundred yards touchdown touchdown touchdown hit and fumble if there's no hit he scores and we don't have any of these conversations the five.

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