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Statements for them like which is pretty typical attorneys will have their clients right down. Hey write down everything. You remember because memory sage and you WANNA have a fresh account of what happened or what you say happened if what he's right right after the incident and that account says that she was face up and but when he went to the hospital when he was being interviewed right after he learned she died. He said face down but the confusion about that did he mean that are faced with flipped downward toward the top of her face was down under the water was it a clumsy way of describing her face was down in the water or what's she facing down word? You see what I mean. So was it a mutation? Was it a slip of the time or was it a a change of the story to cover up for some reason? Those are all possibility now can you tell me go through the night in collection and just for anybody that's not heard of this case? Anyway that's probably outside of Cincinnati. Can you tell me from the beginning? What happened? What's been reported? This has happened in this case. Though the night that there were drowned, it was August eleven two, thousand, eight and Ryan Wimmer ends up calling nine one one. This is his exact quote. My wife fell asleep in the bathtub and I think she's got we the first word is now now someone would look at that statement some law enforcement people look at that statement that sounds like he's trying to already come up with an excuse for why she got. But what if you are Ryan widmer and you know she has a history of falling asleep and you do that's what happened. So once again, two ways of interpreting that. So the of medics com several minutes later. They get there. They try to revive her, they spend forty five minutes doing aggressive CPR.

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