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All of our competitors are relatively low tax can nation now how do they do that most of them consumption tax and vat or something else that allows him to bring a cooperates down this plan i think has a couple of moments laws first arch with one point five trillion dollars of additional debt and when we're already twenty trillion dollars in debt that is not a g dinners i am not going to put some wild i guy here alan greenspan that when you do tax cuts when you're at relative full employment which we are with borrowed money you may get a quick sugar high but the growth projections that have coming forward ford that garin gary's a good friend of mine i i think are grossly overoptimistic the comments of senator mark warner vented sponsored by the wall street journal joseph minarik as the date the debate gets underway what's going to happen that is a very very good question we are in uncharted waters uh the uh since essentially were the decision is going to be made uh there is a fragmentation of interest salon that republicans tried in the senate but it's really going to get down to member by member and dealing with issues in which each has concern uh local provisions of a bill having to do with the uh the ability to drill for oil uh questions with respect to access to help gear some members with concerns about the public debt which agree with senator warner is a really a consuming issue right now it should be uh and for that reason it is going to be handtohand combat and we're comes down it's very very hard the judge rafael accounts talk about the debt the according to a debt clock dot org it is now an extra twenty trillion dollars and over the next ten years this budget plan is tax plan will increase the debt by one and a half trillion all the republicans led by speaker of the house paul ryan says it will grow the economy three or four percent which will offset the the holden the debt well we just had a pool poll taken by a group of economists uh uh the uh organized by new boots business university of chicago uh they have more than forty economists who are widely recognised around the country uh ideally you could look at it and say.

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