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Bill writer and people can't stop listening and I got to tell you I love football and really couldn't stand that baseball basketball so I appreciate that thanks doodle New World of possibilities it's later than you with bill later are welcome back into the show bill writer with you thank you for being here happy Monday to talk in a tone of football and no one better the do to get into some of these topics with any from Salaam FS one NFL analyst longtime NFL player offense of linemen in his day Mr Salaam what's up buddy what happened there and living the dream everything is good at it on the bears fans I've kind of given up on that team but I find myself as a a sort of cheese fan because I lived in that town for a long time my kids were born there used to used to write about the chiefs on a regular basis is it is it panic mode or is it everybody relaxes just a couple games mode arm what is the law of their end if not call for panic because the talent that did they have is so great they'll be able to win a lot of games just on talent alone but when you this is a the cursor to what can happen when you start getting into the playoffs you got a big number the one the number one thing they're missing outside of the poor defend the performances is ostensibly there stagnant because their their inability to really run the football and say what you want Kareem hunt with a huge part of that dominance last year because his abilities in a year prior his ability to make goals second and third and short where you can open up the whole play book right they took a lot of chances on second and shorten third and short because the fences are bracing for the running game not having that aspect you're putting a lot of pressure on the MVP rightfully so but that's not the dynamic of the offense and that's where they're struggling they cannot keep drives going without build large chunk please if you see my home holy thing down the field even salon here on the show who who do you buy more long term this regular season the playoffs the cheese or the cowboys the chief are the you know in Dallas you know they're all friends of line issues are we are really showing you that followed the the importance of it all over the one that you know last week wouldn't the the Packers had their way that backup left tackle my I feel better I'm not so bad and everybody was on deck in this and that it's hard to build a bald man with somebody's bearing down on you example ball is a tough position to play and not having a and not having to Ron Smith there that so to solidify that it changes your whole progression your card or you hope for your protection excuse me and it just shipped everything you want to do office of Lee when you take that type of stable and then add to that is missing this week who that's a bit it's a bad loss to even salon here on the show eve from I'm gonna just go through the two more teams that had high expectations of they're not playing well of late can you give us your take and this rams team is initially one because I think the Niners are legit what's your read on the rams and what your your read on the team that they beat him here in LA yesterday I agree with what are the real king right so we're so quick to give credit to in no way England for their five an old starred in they're the best team in the league only look at the forty nine is a valuable data play anybody would play the same somebody's right it is a great very bad game that the patriots play but their dominant their dominant offenses really and definitively they're running the ball the risen above it over to our yard gain it by the way they're going to get after the quarterback and create turnovers that's a real football team it doesn't matter who they go against that team right now what they did and LA so the rams was impressive now you're gonna have an eighty four yard pass right at one point in the fourth quarter meet for quarter he only had are being right fifty eight yard pass the I mean that new that's hard to do right I'm a regular thirty million dollars thirty million plus that's hard to do and the fact that they've been able to do that an offense of Lee Crouse chairman hand in his ability to put his quarterback in the right position and and give that team a just a different dynamic they're real team and on the flip side of that we will talk about the ram we've been saying what's wrong with the ram since the playoffs last year's right let out we don't know when something's going on with Todd Gurley this team was built around Todd Gurley that's why they pay them all that money and now when you can't you'll start girly now it's five O. okay well when we were we supposed to do now I mean it was embarrassing right it literally was embarrassing they were all for nine on third down on third downs really not one third down conversion and I believe all four four on fourth down yeah that's right over thirteen total you're right yeah right so that that to me I'm like what what now there's been a lot of people talking about including myself because I've experienced it there's something called the Super Bowl handled when you move the Superbowl it is the real thing Erica mena at my end limiting acts of Moldova asked Carolina right these this happens it happens firstly the young teens visualize bone we got there don't worry about it will be there again next year what the work in the struggle the gold in to getting your fell back to that level it's a little bit tougher it's a little bit tougher right because you don't have the the the same type of urgency you had the year prior and we're seeing that again with the rams this year man that is so interesting it makes me hearing you say that he from makes me wonder how on earth bill Belichick winner lose right in the super bowls just confirm relieved to have give any I mean you have to play in the league for a long time do you have any sense of like what he's saying or what how he's building a culture where where that's the one place that doesn't happen you know why because they know exactly who they are and it helps to have argued with the greatest quarterback to ever play spear heading your team right they've been to the Superbowl with poor offered the lines they've been to the Superbowl with no defense they've been to the Super Bowl with great defense they read to the Superbowl with no offense of weapons because it's a system that when you go there you buy and no matter what right no matter how good you think you are or what are maybe no one's ever heard of you like they have a history of taking guy no one's ever heard of a making them stars because the system is so prominent in it never changes if you're going to be there one is a little of cultures or not this system is going to remain the same and that's a testament to them and that are you from Salaam now to everybody's favorite quarterback turned punching bag what what is your what is your read on how poorly Baker Mayfield it is planned what some what's going on with this guy arm in my opinion he's worried about the wrong thing and it's evident from his press conferences right you don't talk about things in a press conference you're not worried about so it's always about us against them it's always about we don't prove doing it's always about all what all we do and what they said about us is that he is too much so much in it and another thing is that team has no leader tell me right now who the leader of the Cleveland Browns I can't with a straight face no one came and very clean that's the problem right we got a young second year quarterback with a chip on his shoulder although he was first pick in the draft may be an unfair question from slamming ask anyway well with the Browns record be if Greg Williams had gotten that interim tag taken off in actual head coaching tag applied this year robbery B. R. O. above five hundred they're probably get over five hundred so Harper are probably put a man word for foreign to in that division that's a stranglehold almost on that division how far above Baltimore right I mean the version is literally falling apart this is a perfect opportunity them opportunities you mean for them to take that next step well once again sometimes the hype is bigger than reality they you want into the height a good coach does not allow its players to buy into the hype or talk about the height I am so with you on kitchens I'm so glad you're saying it could you played and you've got a whole other level of credibility on that let me ask you this even when you obviously your job was to protect in large part quarterback for a living if Baker Mayfield how the right coach the hackers there's tailed on the football team there's a lot of time on the move as a side what is what can Baker Mayfield have we all want the hype is he just not that talented is in the wrong said I know you walked as accurately through his focus on the wrong things what if you had a coach focus in on the right things just in a vacuum what's his potential upside as a quarterback in this league we are a great up by we saw flashes of that last year right when he went out there and it was I mean everything loo we got to start after a couple weeks over who was it Tyrod Taylor and he ran with it you know he ran with initial great promise but it's not about the first year it's about the steps you take in year one to year two and the biggest step for young quarterback it from your two to three that's when you can determine if someone here to play ball for real is that step between your two and three you should be at a another level and right now he's regret so he does need to be home be and he does need to be sat down and talked to like a lot I get it if you against the world all right now it's us against everybody else but we don't have to talk about that well we can do is focus in on doing the things we need to do correctly we got all the talent in the world holding penalty here personal file their Paul Starr here illegal formation right all that that's the stuff is killing them is it as return evens lawyer on the show is it time to start talking to the Texans as as a symbol contender as a top team in the NFL are you are you buying and without additional watches in plain of late and and they're protecting the more are you buying the Texans as a as a top team in the NFL what did you have to do what they did in Kansas city is a tough place to play I hated going up there but just all friendly and defensively the show and wants the reminds me of a tall faster Russell Wilson right Russell Wilson is an NBC Canada this year he's everything to that team and the sun Watson is that type of in that caliber of player for for the Houston Texans they went out they got Tom tool that helps a lot of fight left side of the line that they can turn the protection to the right side and give those guys on the right the mail the running game will weed when when when they lost.

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