Senate, Marsha Blackburn, Brian Kemp discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


Taty? Another whirlwind day of campaigning. I'm an Carrick, Fox News. President Trump ending the day in Tennessee looking to boost GOP chances of retaining a key Senate seat with President Trump taking the stage in Chattanooga, two days before election day, the candidacy of Marsha Blackburn for Senate gotta push as she sounded a familiar refrain you want to vote no on Hillary Clinton and her cronies one more time stand with me. The president's visit came after a weekend of rallies in Montana, Florida and Georgia all with key congressional and governors races Blackburn hopes to defeat democrat Phil gradison who held an event in Chattanooga on Sunday as well in Franklin. Tennessee grenell. Scott, Fox News Senate candidates in Missouri are cranking up their efforts in what's become an ugly dead heat Republican, Josh Holly. Well, attended rallies in Springfield defended himself against the Kansas City star reports. That I'll stay political consultants helps direct the office. I don't care what Senator mccaskill and a fake news media says about me in the next two or three days there. Mccaskill is also come under fire for anonymous in potentially illegal mailers sent out across the states targeting Hawley on the stump Sunday sane. I condemn those mailers. That's what happens when you allow anonymous contributions come Tuesday over one hundred million dollars will have been spent on Missouri Senate seat in Saint Louis. Jeff monosso, Fox News Georgia's online voter database, morphed into a last minute curve ball in one of the hottest governors races Republican nominee Brian Kemp alleges hacking by Democrats as reports emerge of a gaping vulnerability in the system. Kemp controls as secretary of state Kemp's office has not detailed any nefarious actions by Democrats, nor offered any evidence the state Democratic Party called it reckless and unethical ploy..

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