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I'm getting thickest wintertime's coming soon hibernate already over the summer like in September creeping in, but it's wild to me to see how many fucking professional athletes not just in this world, but basketball football ha-gi former one every single spoilt. That's not a Sino, but how many people come back from like a summer break or a vacation, and they just got big and Lucia did that shit. But Luke Shaw fucking put his money where his mouth is. When goal with that goal, which was again against the run of play Lester was doing well. Lester was solid at the back. They held possession and Mench has not. It's have law also good for the whole England World Cup like strategy. All right. We're going to get a foul outside the box. We're gonna. We're gonna just whip it into Harry Maguire and his huge fucking like four times in the first half rain strategy. It is why not just. Try and get the ball on that giant noggin of one. I think like four battles was just insane. And and. Albeit that Leicester City played the better game. Manchester nodded was more clinical when it came pushed to shove grant. Manchester United has allegedly the best goalkeeper in the world at their back and Lester Schmeichel who I think is God damn quality goalkeeper but mentions not was able to punish Lester when push came to shove, they were able to capitalize on Kansas clinical. Yeah. And at that point in the. Eighty third minute after Luke, she's all scored. I was just like, sweet Beazley's. Let's clean the. She's blaming her name over and then Jamie Vardi came on and he terrorized and it's a party. It's always a party when Jamie comes on and the owner of a black sheep, what's his name? Oh, James, James. He was like the only man out there on at all, cocaine, Jamie, Vardi. And this guy's from like Northern Ireland, big, fucking dude. I love him so much. He's he's fucking business. God, he's the best I went actually after the arsenal game. Actually, when I left you from misconduct, I went to black sheep because I know I had a piece, oh bed. We've been drinking all day and like I ran into him and I'm like, please don't give me shit. Like where my where my arsenal jerseys, it's okay. Laddy. How's my Northern Ireland? You know what? You know how you know the Premier League is back because I got blackout Friday, Saturday, and Sunday dude. It was attributed to soccer. I just literally just woke up every day just like so shitty. Horrible tomorrow morning. I woke up hung over his because I went out what I do after. Oh, you win with Lopez. Saturday, I went out for tapas got drunk as fuck and has been Grio Friday night. Go do a modest on chestnut street, best food ever on what's it called in Philadelphia. Tapas were amazing, then went to a birthday goal actually waste. It was just an all day drink fest from semitic sangria to everything. So I woke up hung over in bed to watch Tottenham versus Newcastle. Just like just quote up Ghalem like. Like, who am I like to watch this shit show which I thought this game for our preview pod. I, I was going to be a draw. I mean, almost was right. It wasn't for daily Vertone, correct with the two goals Evertonians in the run for the golden boot this year already got a goal and his name. So you know what watch out watch out. Oh, what are you? What are your? Will your big takeaways from the Tottenham Newcastle game. See, I think taught them even though they did not make a single transfer this season this summer, which by the way since two thousand three, the only club to have not made a single transfer since it started since the transfer window started, which begs the question, what the fuck happened before transfer windows did players just like go to club to club? Like whenever I like, dude, I don't trades and the football for the first six weeks. It's free free, fucking, Hon, dude..

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