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Pro Gargano triple threat about Ah yeah there was a promo at one of the show is prior to it wasn't the one that they they shot that day. There's one that was like on an episode of so many weeks prior where he jay pro just took the whole whole feud he starts off very calm and then he builds and then he see I starts talking about like Gargano and then he flipped it and gets on 'em dog and then basically wraps it all up basically say a unlike you both would be nothing without me but he doesn't more than a stereotypical wrestler. Would the thing that I love about Jay pro is I do not think he cuts a bad promo. He's just so good and then on the other side with 'em dog the most approachable wrestler I've ever met and one that do that. You could have an easy conversation with many times. I've walked up to his gimmick table. Maybe just to say hi. We have having like a five minute conversation like right. That's what I love about him. So picking between them is so so hard and is really funny that you bring up <hes> Matvey so potable because <hes> the first replicated okay anyone to Q. years ago now three years ago. I can't remember <hes> we ran into him and I was like we knew this thing. You know you know would want to do it and he was like A. Maybe later like it was super hectic and I was like Oh yeah well no right now. He's like he's like maybe later <hes> try to catch me this time and we actually ended up staying for having a conversation about something random. I think something had just happened like often the distance we both like like had that weird moment where we saw it and just like talking about briefly and then later I think the next day <hes> we were walking from our our car to the the elevator in apart garage and low behold. He's in the elevator. We have a quick conversation separate ways and like when we first started the podcast I probably would really bombed that he didn't do the interview but I was like just GonNa Stove that got to have like these two moments where the guy that I just really appreciated growing up and like six him Josh Really <hes> I. I always say <hes> whenever I'm asked like of course I grew up over at the attitude attitude era where like I realized the Hari Boys You know like Matt Jeff like we're probably the the top reason I did a lot of dumb stuff that I did and then I saw Matt and Josh and I was just like I can do do this because I know I can do the sub capacity and Nick Mondo and that's what I found like my wealth wrestling which is probably something that would never want to hear you know after hearing all the interviews and on over the past few years but Kanat and Josh were the ones that made me realize like I might not be the biggest and I might not be the strongest for the fastest but this is like I have heart to do this that no pun intended but I have the passion to do this so I do it to some you know to some level. I can do this so without be finding Matt Crossing Josh Prohibition. I'd probably don't try as hard to do any of it so I look you know a lot of gratitude. which part do you enjoy more from like? Basically your career. You have three parts. You have wrestler. You have podcast her and then you have you know promoter <hes> and it's it's so hard. I guess I've never really thought about it. <hes> thinking like putting thought into it. It's really hard. I don't and I know it's super cheesy but I don't know if I could like pick one that I enjoy the most <hes> there's parts from each that I that I enjoy <hes> podcasting and promoting overlapping similarities like <hes> reaching out to people for either an episode or a booking kind of builds the same <hes> with with wrestling <hes>. There's just if you've done it then you know the rush that you get and it's like you can't compare it to anything like the injuries breath the like the jitters mirrors <hes> if you if you blow something in the rain if you blow a spot like just the overall feeling that you have when it's done and if you have a good match lie you can't compare that to anything it's it's just incomparable <hes> prime example like my match with Brett from February after that match. I knew that I was fucked up. I knew that I had a concussion and I I didn't know that it was but I knew I had a concussion just based on how I felt <hes> but I didn't care because I knew that despite the poor choices that I made for myself we told the story that we needed to tell and it's still one like and this doesn't mean just like two mile because I'm not I'm really not that type of person but that's still one of our most talked about matches granted. That's probably not for the reasons that I want but it's still one of our most talk about matches wrestling <hes> I didn't I haven't wrestled as much as I've podcast that are really promoted <hes> but I feel like if I really had the nail down one <hes> podcasting with great and it was a lot of fun but I really enjoy the promoting side because like I'm not I'm not really one for like team environments but it's really cool when like me and coup and everybody sit down and like really like like put together a card or a show relies layout a storyline that we want to see progress over a certain period of time <hes> it's just it's so fulfilling to watch everything play out over shows just like <hes> what's a good example. Let's see okay for example like Kurt Valium. When when we decided Kurt stand stallion was going to be our guy the first show the crowd was like kind of Yom but they got al behind him because they knew that he was the guy we were going with but we could feel them wanting to him so when we finally turned him that crowd lost their shit and that's what they wanted to do the whole time that was really rewarding <hes> okay that was what would he took the ball with it and that crowd well? Tim It was incredible. CLAVELL LOVES MARCO WITH DAN. <hes> just knowing that like you can give them what they want. It's it's the best female world like I always say that we have the most trusted trusted crowd and that's because like when Kurt was our champion and they cheered him even though they really wanted to boo him like they understood where we were going. They understood that we had to get to a certain point for them to get what they wanted and they they were fully down for that ride and I can't tell you how much that means to me <hes> that they just trust us that much to to know that they're eventually they're going to get what they want <hes> but I think if I had to pick one wrestling's win a lot of fun and it was the ultimate goal for a while. I never thought I'd be a podcast promoter podcasting with the Britney in Wilkes that incredible but really just promoting something. I never saw myself doing. I never thought it was like within reach <hes> so I think I'd have to go with promoting voting. It hurts less. It's a super rewarding like it's really crazy. The fact that you know southern underground pro is just that special. I don't know what it is like. I think I was more. I gravitated towards it because of lame before like we had our issues like I still like. I listened to kick out to in. I'll let south others like names that I heard of and then there was just like all right. We're GONNA like we're GONNA do this. Organization in Nashville was like okay like well. We'll see how this goes in them. Seem like people from up here. Get opportunities down there and just getting <hes> a mixture of like all right. We're GONNA we're going to get people from all these different places that are like it's not like too crazy lazy dot too far away and we're GONNA put on the show together and we're we're just GONNA do it in this bar in Nashville and people like if they like it they don't whatever and I feel like it's just been a concept progression of just getting bigger and bigger and better and better in you know if it wasn't for southern aground pro I would know the Fuck Marco stunt was and all the other things have come with that aspect of it and it's just crazy that like of every promotion that is on power bomb Tom like that's my number one Goto. I Love My F._W.. But let's be honest. I've only missed a handful of show since I started attending shows <hes> towards the end of two thousand eleven so I've seen the shows the only thing that I wanna see from W on those shows is actually the pre show promos that I never get to see because obviously it's on the disc every chance to buy the D._V._D.. Or the digital copy so this is me on okay. Let Me Watch these promos and that means he's like I said just southern owning are probably okay cool and even the fact to I've known spoilers because let's face it were in the Internet takes you know about a week and a half two weeks for the shows to come out so I know a lot of spoilers but I'm still tuning in going. Okay Lemme see what happens and I think there's a lot of friends at that. I've had up here where you know they've taken notice to Southern Oregon. Pro Friend of mine has a podcast called not ready for primetime wrestling and they aided a commentary podcast lot to partner or they did commentary for one of the show is in it's mainly because like Migo and hey so the car pro is awesome. Everybody needs to check it out in the guy. <hes> one co host was just like all right. I'M GONNA I'm GonNa give them a shot and he loves you guys do he wants to come down with me but <hes> something about like his new job is going to have him working that Sunday night and he's like I the one ago but I can't and I don't. I don't know how many promotions is out. There are just the level you have to be at for people to really WANNA travel to your promotion like I think that's that speaks volumes. Obviously I know I'm not the only podcast that feels like that. <hes> you know I've got five stars Jeremy. He's his talks about. He wants to come down. I think struggles he wants to come down to its. There's something special going on in Nashville in <hes>. I never figured I would ever say I WANNA go on down to Nashville for fun because growing up. I never thought Matchel sounded that fund. I mean to be perfectly honest like even living here for most of my life not being originally from here living here. Most of my life like it's really weird to me when people want to the national for anything <hes> but it's really cool that we've given people reason want to come to Nashville <hes> I will say to its credit national incredibly rapidly growing the city <hes> but it's still so weird to be when people just want to come here and like I really can't you Ryan Jeremy Enough or you know everything you've done her. You know spreading the word like I thought the author eating is fairly regularly and I feel like every time I talked to you. Each of you. Tell me that you've got somebody else knew turn on the southern underground pro and like the little back <hes> if I find out that somebody does a podcast whether like a review or commentary or an interview you something separated I I know about. I'll listen to it so I'm GonNa have when we get done. I mean have you text me that podcast. You're talking about so I can check it out because I'm curious to see how other people feel about it because like oh not necessarily a vanity thing but like if we can improve that I wanNA know how we can improve you know and I. I don't know if that's something that everybody does <hes> but I find it very important and I I just never want to get stale or stagnant yeah but no like for real idea listen like if I find out that somebody <hes> does a podcast related to sub I try to listen to it <hes> just because I I do find it crazy that people actually care <hes> <hes> because we we kinda did started off like a joke and then it just it very rapidly became like a real thing so when people when people do what's up. I'm very interested to see if they like it or hate it because you know regardless like we're going to keep doing it but it's if we can improve I want to I think that's like I. I don't know how you feel from like a policy promoters orders point of view promoter but like from podcastone point of view when granted that's on this day people talk about my podcast but I always want to get that like feedback like people don't have to be like Oh my God. I love it scraping best thing ever like no. Tell me what you don't like. I don't care if it's like. I think that go to long are Oh. I don't like this. You say well. I don't like you then. I don't care like tell me what I can work on because I think that's something from a you know a content creators point view. I WanNa get better and there's a lot of people be like well. You know you might call qualities grade in this is great and this you're GonNa make thank you. I love that that makes me feel good. When I feel like Shit but like some days I just feel like it Shitty and I wanna get letter like in that annoys me that I mean that makes perfect sense in like you being around wrestling as much as you are now? You may have heard this <hes> but you know when you're a wrestler..

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