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And then you get to church and you're like okay now be happy and let's price jesus and you're like i can't even think about that right now. What started that message for you. I got the mess. I got that. Wording from the moms that i worked with. Actually i'd never really thought about it. Okay but they were like you've taught us how to have fun you've moved us from frazzled to fun and they're like now i can parent now. I'm i'm a fun mom. Because i used to just be overwhelmed in frazzled. And i think you know most moms fit into one of two categories either the category that you talked about like they're so consumed with their homes in their neglecting their spiritual life or actually there are quite a few christian. Moms who are very deep connected spiritually and all this but then their homes are just so neglected and they feel so guilty and overwhelmed because of the mess and the chaos and one thing Early on that. God showed me. I had been speaking on things that i thought were really important like. They are important but spiritual spiritual growth prayer scripture memory. Things like that. I would lead retreats and things in the lured then when i was in my own crisis where i needed help like i said cried out. The lord gave me some strategies practical things and he said. Start speaking in these things and it was like. I thought these aren't as important as the big things like prayer spiritual growth scripture memory and he said no. These are important. Because i want you to live a life of love and you can't live a life of love focused on others until you feel you've got things under control in your own so like if my house is so crazy i don't really feel like i can invite people over to my home or if i'm running late again or whatever. I'm not there early to greet someone who's coming into church for the first time or does different things like that or i'm not organized enough to be able to pull off taking a meal to someone so he was like no practical. Things actually do matter. So that's where i really. I really help moms with very practical. Although i definitely have a passion for the things like the spiritual things in that is such an important component that i i really do see that. So many moms are missing the part of. How do i even get a handle on my home. How do i get a handle on my family schedule. What do i do here. So that's what.

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