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California. Authorities revealing new details about the five people killed when that plane slammed a new home just after takeoff. Dash Cam video showing the final moments the plane bursting into flames in mid air, then crashing into that neighborhood, the pilot and four people inside the home were killed as they were holding a Super Bowl party the pilot's identity revealed during a news conference just a short time ago and ABC's chief national correspondent backup leading us off tonight. Those new images that plane bursting like a meteoroid above southern California look closely, you can see it was in freefall before erupting in flames. Investigators now say witnesses report seeing the tail and wings break off residents ducking plane parts raining down on their neighborhood. Go look up, and I just say debris flying everywhere and part of the plane flew down into the. Garage a torpedo and just hit the garage blew up. One piece of exploding debris from the twin engine Cessna smashed into this home the flames dozens of feet high went up so fast. There was. Nothing. He could do this, man. Tried to put out a fire with a gardening hose. Multiple homes damaged for the wreckage propellers, scattered on lawns windows, shattered in this video. You can hear the debris still popping off. With folks yelling get back five people killed in the crash, the pilot a retired Chicago police officer and those four family members inside that home. They were all attending a Super Bowl party and David one challenge for investigators. Here is going to be the scale of the debris field. It covers four blocks. At least fifteen homes were hit by flying debris from that plane, and one of the factors that I'm told investigators will certainly examine is the weather thunderstorms and heavy rain showers in the area at the time of the crash David or Matt Cup and leading us off tonight. Matt, thank you. Tonight's. Other major headline the all consuming firestorm, swirling around Virginia. Governor Ralph Northam the governor overwhelmed tonight by calls to resign. List growing over racist photo from his medical school yearbook his own explanations, adding to the chaos the image shows one man in black face. The other dressed as a member of the Ku Klux Klan governor northern first admitting. He is one of them in picture, then denying he's in the photo tonight. The governor is now asking his own cabinet for more time to decide his next move ABC chief national affairs, correspondent Thomas in Richmond tonight tonight, the coals for governor Ralph Northam to resign or growing. But the Virginia Democrat refusing to step down the trouble started when this racist photo emerged from his medical school yearbook page at first northern confirmed. He was one of the two men in the photo. But the next day, I believe then. And now that I'm not either of the people in that photo. But then north admitted he had appeared in black face once before during a dance contest in nineteen Eighty-four or he dressed as Michael Jackson had the shoes I had a glove. And I used us a little bit of shoe polish to put under my all, my cheeks, and the reason I used a very little bit is because I don't know if anybody's ever tried that, but you cannot get shoe polish off and win a reporter inquired, if he could still moonwalk the governor seemed to want to try are you still able to moonwalk? An appropriate circumstance. My wife says inappropriate circumstances are quiche asking him. This question. Do you think as a grown adult that it's problematic that you need to have explain to you that black face is offensive?.

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