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And actually one in okay amount of games at seven a 14th so or arms are nine of fourteen not too bad how's it going begging nope yesler we'll be back for a while naisse the only game while jimmy lens not the it's basically the their recent success and not put then quotation must have still not good spencer dinwoodie has been ballin all year candles 'solana is at one point he was averaging twenty lights we use after twenty twenty four won a suit five and like one turnover in the first five started his career or arm of the season you know i had to pick them up on fantasy tsui they all of it on the new people to theme as bed by team is not bad it's it's injured bed one haiti's anthony davis kristaps porzingis kemba walker suffered a shoulder injury that kept him out twotimes or two games i'm dwayne dedmon john collins all of these are injuries that i stayed last week and i lost to one of the worst teams in the league but whatever leon move on to the low vare ball room so lakers put it a new policy that would no longer allow members of the media to to taught let me correct though they stated that is not new with their enforcement all k okay so in a row so family friends and agents of players cannot socks the media so that that's something they've been doing but now lavarra has made it that they clamp down on it you they said is turning get late tight over there like presages leak it over there now wow okay okay so you know yet nba does have a lot of rules that they don't enforce the lakers are trying to force this one yard debris with this is it the right move for the lake organization of sirte lavarra up.

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