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An Old Pacific. So so if you're going there for the luxuries of life, you know you're not going to actually I dated. Tonight and we are not but but does the. As, far as watching Ray as far as what you'll see on the track, you know crazy things happen in Frank Yang. It's a lot like bowman gray in the aspect of. a lot of wild things happen. There's fights every now, and then I'm probably a little more than every now and then you know and just you. You're GonNa see good stuff I mean and the holiday you know obviously make the races extremely exciting I mean I've been to Langley speedway you know I think the racist fantastic but the man, the banking at Franklin County just makes everything looked more intense and and I think coming. In now, I would think that just like Bowman Gray Franklin County being that it's you know up in the western part of the state. There are a lot of feuding going on. Yeah Yeah I mean they they talk about. McCoy's up in West Virginia. We got I. Don't know what their names are down here, but we got money one. You need to be you know as as a promoter I. Don't know what your you know. ABC License says you can do but man. I. Don't know if you well I take that back I. Don't know if you WANNA actually serve any fans any moonshine. Well I mean we're we're I say away from that. You fans do do bring their bring their own alcoholic in I'm. Not Saying that I condone that. Happen and they do get a little rowdy I think somebody got body slammed on somebody started this past weekend. So little wwe action going on up there s but it it's. It's it's exciting. It's you know for the most part. It's a good family fun time and you know if you if you like you might say Mark Amer fobbed. I see a moonshine company as a great sponsor for Franklin County The you know the Birthplace of eight shine. I agree one hundred percent deep never been able to walk one and we've worked on several You know there's one that it sponsors you know we forty on them. And finding I'm good friends wouldn't yeah and you know. So we need to get on board for here it'd be it'd be great Su to have them and we could really promote them I. Mean Franklin County Obviously, the you know the moonshine capital of the world and and we can definitely promote their products better than anybody else now. Being a promoter of Franklin.

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