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Be reading your letter live on the air just like we're going to read this one right here right now. Now you know the nephew out today. It is his birthday. He is celebrating software. Yes see celebrating so juniors then for the nephew junior time for the strawberry later my good friends. Shirley strong beams. Thank you junior subject. He has two wives and two separate lives there. Stephen Shirley I am twenty two years old and I recently graduated from college so I'm quarantine at my parents house. They have been married for thirty seven years and the marriage has been rocky since I was a little girl but they are still together. My father works out of the country for two months every year. So that gives my mother a break from him. In late March I found out that my father was not only working. While he was overseas he had started a whole new life. I overheard my dad on the phone saying he was miserable at home and he was only staying in the marriage until after he walks me down the aisle. My wedding is planned for December. And my dad is supposed to give me a way. Well not anymore. All of that has changed. I told my dad I heard this phone call. And he told me it was a male friend. I got his phone and I call the last number he dialed. It ended up being a woman that lives in Brazil and. She told me that she's heard all about me and she knows that my parents are still married. Wow she told me that she is also married to my father and that they got married two years ago but she's being patient with my father while he prepares to divorce my mom and then moved to Brazil. I told my father that I talked to a second wife and he got white as a ghost. I threatened to tell my mom if he didn't tell her he apologized and he told me. This grown folks business and I need to stay in my place. I told him he is not welcome to come to my wedding and I want nothing else to do with him. He told me it is complicated but he respects my wishes. We are quarantined with the big secret. And my mom's does not have a clue that her marriage is over. My father simply does not care anymore anymore. What can I do? Wow well Man This is big. I mean you ask what can you do? I don't know that there's a lot you can do. I don't know that that there's a whole lot you can do. Because you know it's your father who who's Mess things up and but anyway let let me just say this Your father was right about one thing. Okay he was right about this. This is very much grown folks business very much. They're grown your mom and dad but guess what you're grown to eur twenty two years old. You're grown this your business to this family business. These are your parents. I think he owes it to you and goes to your mom. His wife thirty seven years he owes you guys an explanation What he did doesn't just affect him. Okay it affects the entire family. This is a family matter. Now that means Momma Daddy you everybody Your mom shouldn't be kept in the dark on this. She really shouldn't whether the marriage has been rocky since. You're since you were a little kid or what and it still rocky. That doesn't matter that this is going to devastate her. This news is going to devastate. Her by the way having to live is legal in the US. I don't know about Brazil but I definitely know it's legal in the US and it's so sad because you want your dad to walk down the aisle On your wedding day and that's usually what dads do But you've asked him out of the wedding so it's already affected more than just tim. It's affected you don't want to have anything to do with him anymore. like you say you're quarantine in the house with this big secret going on now between you and your dad the other wife and the mother who knows nothing she's clueless. Somebody's going to have to break a tour. And if your dad doesn't step up and be a man and tell your mother his wife of thirty seven years what's going on. You know I say you. You would have to do it if you were a girlfriend or a neighbor Gal. Yeah because I would say that because I don't think her mom should be in the dock on this when somebody has to tell her that hit her husband has a whole nother wife and a whole nother country. She's gotTa find out and if he doesn't tell her you step up and do it. That is my advice now. I Know Steve is going to disagree with me on that because he doesn't believe in telling but this is a family situation going on right here and you're involved all right Steve. Well this is is a very very difficult a letter. This is very very difficult because okay. Here's a twenty two year old graduated. She's in quarantine with the parents of thirty seven years marriage and they've had a rocky you know relationship every sense and so but she found out that father not only works overseas. He's has a whole new life over there. She overheard a dad on phone saying that he was miserable at home and he was only staying into marriage until after he walked me down. Now my wedding is December. My Dad is supposed to give me a way well not anymore while now. I guess I would want to say what does walking down the aisle have to do with any of this but then I guess I can understand a young girl young woman. You hurt for your mother. You found out some information but when we come back I'm GonNa tell you what I really is going on with your dad right different. Hold onto that. We'll have part two of your response coming up at twenty three minutes after the hour subject for today. He has two wives in two separate. Lives will get back into it right after this. You're listening to morning. Show I Steve. Come on. Let's recap today strawberry letter subject. He has two wives in two separate lives are twenty two year old woman has graduated from College in Quarantine would appearance has been married for thirty seven years. They've always had a rocky relationship. She overheard her father talking on the phone the other day to someone claiming that he felt that he was miserable and he was only staying into marriage until after he walks the lady down. The twenty two year old is writing the letter. She said that are waiting is in December and her dad is supposed to give me away and then she says well not anymore. Well quite naturally I would want to go. What does that have to do with anything? 'cause you manage your day because you found out a secret about him but then let me fall. Let me show you how to seek work. You told Your Dad that you heard his phone call. He told you was a male friend. You Got Your Dad's phone. You would've never got that phone for me. You Got Your Dad's phone and you dial the last number back. It ended up being a woman that lives in Brazil. She told this girl delayed wrote a letter that she's heard all about me and she knows about my parents being still married. She told me that she was also married to your father and then they got married two years ago but she's being patient with my father while he prepares to divorce my mom and then move to. Brazil a father that I talked to his second wife. He got white as a ghost. I threatened to tell my mom. If he didn't tell him he apologized to me but then he told you. This was grown folks business and I needed to stay in my place. I told him he wasn't welcome. You can't come to the way now and I won't nothing else to do with me. He told me as complicated but he respects my wishes. Now we're Korn team with this big secret in my mom. Don't have a clue. Her marriage is over. My father's simply does not care anymore. What can I do well? You can't do anything. Shirley got this part of it right. It is their business but now that you found out it's yours because you're in the family initial mom. Should you tell your mom absolutely not absolutely not? I think that has to be your father and only Yo fall in case. That's the way it has come. If he created to messed in he got he got expelled. That's too easy route. If you go in there and talking but let me tell you something I think you is actually doing first of all. I don't know if the marriage in Brazil is legal. I think he knows that I think he's also been playing this woman in Brazil telling her I'm leaving. I'm leaving I'm leaving I'm leaving. I'm leaving but he's giving your mom no inkling of that. I think to do went down. There got caught up gas todd. Having his life star playing got to play in two hard had little crazy little ceremony down there. I think he has no intention to leave in your mom..

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