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His possession already damned. Denny Hamlin arguably the best here when we race in the month of February day they come back to turn to you know, you wonder how many laps before they have to pull the trigger. I guess the fact that this lead pack my faculty is all single file, maybe makes the job a little bit easier. Perhaps not tour. Totally. No one is getting out of this league draft. Rusty says. It's time to go TheStreet Ivers not quite ready to make that move. Yet everybody still single file against the outside wall off of turn. Four went by Joey Logano. Carl. It's over, Kevin Harvick told Custer Let me have a little more spice to this. You've got two driver's at the front of the field in Lugano and Harvick, Logano, a 2015 Daytona 500 winner, Kevin Harvick wanted in all seven. Then you get back to a cold Custer. Brad Kozlowski, Michael McDowell. Ross Chastain never won the Daytona 500 man. They can smell it right now. Austin Dillon seventh, he won the Daytona 500 in 2018. Then you get back to Chase Elliott and Kyle Busch and Ryan priests and Kyle Larson. None of them have ever won the Daytona 500 100. There's a lot of hungry drivers out there right now. They're absolutely are when you mentioned some of those drivers out there like a Michael McDowell, Ross Chastain or even a Ryan priest. They've never won a NASCAR Cup Series race when you think about Drivers who won their very first cup race in the Daytona 500. Think about Trevor Bayne and 2011 Think about Michael Waltrip. 20 years ago in 2001. Sterling Marlin did that Derek Cope did that Pete Hamilton, tiny Lund and Mario Andretti all won the Daytona 500 for their very first NASCAR Cup series win. Wouldn't be surprised if we saw that happen tonight. Mike Bagley. Here they come. Drivers on the move cold custard down to the inside Ross chesty now trying to make a move around him. As they started jostle up in mid pack Whole Custer stepped out of line. Nobody went with him. He will fall outside of the top 10 Cross. Chastain in a second line has drafting help from rye increase for about tonight. Five. Off Turn number four. In that exchange, Denny Hamlin gained a couple of more positions so they work.

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