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Well, the rain and the snow showers have moved out Macy flurry or two as we head into the afternoon and evening, but for the most part, we're gonna be talking cloudy and dry. Highs near thirty today. Eleven for the overnight low wind chills below zero by the time you wake up on Friday morning. We'll see some sunshine in the afternoon on Friday and a high of sixteen powered by the basement, doctor raiders thirty in Delaware twenty nine at your severe weather station. News Radio six ten WTVN. Now in its second month. Senators are attempting to end the partial federal government shutdown today, though, neither measure on the Senate floor is expected to advance. The first involves the president's compromise proposal trading temporary protections for dreamers for nearly six billion dollars in border wall funding, the plan would also fund affected government agencies and departments but only through September. If that fails the other measure would just extend government funding until February eighth, but the president has promised to veto any Bill that does not include funding for a border. Wall. The unions representing air, traffic, controllers pilots and flight attendants say to say today that the shutdown is now affecting air passenger safety professional air safety union, saying they cannot calculate the level of risk currently play Virginia democratic Senator Mark Warner joining them it will cripple our system, and it will provide more than a trillion dollar hit to our economy. In fact, delta and Southwest Airlines reportedly expecting millions in losses due to the shutdown this quarter alone. Andy Field ABC news, Washington. The unemployment rate continues to drop the Labor Department says one hundred and ninety nine thousand workers filed initial unemployment claims last week that is a decrease of about thirteen thousand from the week before analysts say that the latest report is a sign that the job market is still strong. Even though we are in a partial government shutdown candidate in parts of the midwest. They're bracing for an Albert clipper temperatures are expected to drop as the weather pattern. Swoops down. It'll start tomorrow with some light snow the high in Chicago tomorrow is expected to be around five Edward Jake Wagner's pretrial hearing will determine if he's able to appear in court in pike county without restraints he's already permitted to wear civilian clothes Wagner in three of his family. Members are all facing murder charges in the deaths of eight members of the road and family after they were killed in two thousand sixteen. He is currently being held in the Franklin county jail. Ohio's Lieutenant governor says time, he's of the essence with assembling a state budget to cover the next two years. The urgency to compile a state budget began the second Mike dewine and John Huston were sworn in their priorities for early childhood, which the governor has talked about helping us power through a solution to the opioid addiction crisis. The Lieutenant governor there who is the customer ask yourself that question. John Q stood delivering comments to a convention of career and technical educators in downtown Columbus. The state budget is usually submitted to legislators. In late January or early February at the state house. Jared alley NewsRadio six ten WTVN. Marijuana advocates have filed a lawsuit against the state of Michigan today to have marijuana declassified as a schedule one controlled substance. The Michigan board of pharmacy is being sued by Johnson Claire who is one of the state's biggest proponents of marijuana use. He says since the drug was legalized by voters and approved by the state. It should have that designation removed.

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