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7 20, WGN high atop Chicago in the Skyline studio and excited to have one of our favorite people in personalities in the world of racing. On the line over her career, bringing us some of the biggest moments in sports with motor Cross any car NASCAR as part of that amazing NASCAR on Fox team wanted, Jamie Little Jamie. Welcome. Thanks so much happy Thanksgiving to you and everybody listening and stuff. Yeah, so many people are enjoying it, and whatever way they can. And this is a great way to kind of extended as people have to be a little separated from their family. They could enjoy some of the people they enjoy on on television as well. And of course, our family's extend beyond just our human residents of the family, of course, are for family is well and in dogs are a big part of your career. Your personality, your life in your passions as well. So for the dogs do you guys do anything? Different for the holidays. What are some fun ways that you guys build your dogs in? Got the dogs are such a part of our life that you know, they're just like our kids. They go on all the furniture. They get walked to get ran. They get Craps table scraps. I know we shouldn't. But we're careful about what we give him. The force will be getting some turkey and probably a little extra ball throwing time outside. And you know the dogs don't just love having their people around there humans around so they'll have a fuel but a couple extra, and that always makes him happy. But I'll be storing a Z. They are right now will be Getting a lot of time storing today play and start a sui over the course of time I've had to do a number of interviews and things remotely has a lot of broadcasters are the dogs are there? We always have to kind of time. It's so that they're not barking. We did interview with Simon pagina like his his dogs barking in the background. Good sellers, So that happens a lot. So you gotta work around the dogs a little bit as well. So so much about tradition when it comes to Thanksgiving and part of racing tradition for so many fans is to hear Jamie Little. They're on the weekends and now tradition. There's gonna be a brand new one built in as you're making history here so history and tradition at the same time as the play by play announcer the voice for the Arkham Menard. Serious and breaking ground is you've done in so many different ways whether it's first pit reporter for the Indy 500. As a woman. And, of course, the Daytona 500 Here. You are doing it with architect a little bit about the new gig. Yes, I'm so excited. This was announced about a week ago now, and it's just been incredible that Been given this opportunity is something I've always thought of doing. I just I didn't quite feel ready to pursue it and let my bosses know because honestly, it's just a role that has always been filled by men. And there's always amazing. Amazingly talented men in those positions. So you know, unless there was an opening, I thought I'm not gonna say anything. I love being a bit reporters, but I've done my whole career and I absolutely love it. I never planned on stepping away from it. But you know, something just pulled me like now is the time. I'm just gonna let my thoughts there's no that I would like to do play by play one day. Why not? I'd better ask now, and I put the bug in my boss of the year and little did I know a week later, they actually they want to talk with the arc of people and now far and set voice of the artist theories for 2021, so I was shocked and expected to come as quickly as they did. I'm truly honored and for people, maybe they don't know what the artist theories is, is the development theory basically for can ask our Cup series and you see these younger kids in there? They move up the ladder and expressed obscenity and they get to step one day, so a lot of young gives new talent, but they raised a lot of the same track at all The big guys do so our first race is in Daytona. Yeah, for those people out there, Not that familiar and most people Jamie, you're familiar with with ARCA, and it is really you know, it's a who's who if you look at the races that air Unit at the top level in racing today in the Cup series and everything else so many of them the majority probably got their start at some point in the Arkham Menard serious and Here's one of the things about it, too is I read somewhere where you had mentioned, it's just great to be able to do it. It's It's a natural role for you tow get into and to be a part of racing in all those different, serious the fact that you're a woman doing it is kind of Sort of not the first thing that you think of, and I think about that, too, Because what you do is you just so natural and humble and and great it what it is that you do, bringing those stories and personalities. Not really. I just think this is going to be a great fit. I think it's less about Of course, you know You don't want a discount all of the history that's made there, but I think for you personally, this is going to be a natural fit. Well, thank you. I appreciate that a lot. I'm really looking forward to it. I mean, it's a totally different guilt that What do you think differently, and I'm already talking almost play by play friends find out how they do it. What helped them the most, and it'll take, you know a few races. I'm sure to get that comfort level, but it's exciting to be out of your comfort level. Sometimes, you know that comfort zone that we get second for so long and yeah, I think it's going to be a lot of fun. And you're right. And that's what I've been saying that this is the natural next step for my career. So In that regard. It's like, okay, that's the next step is another first for me. But then when you looked at it for life that nobody that looks like he has done this before. There's learn responsibility that comes with that. I think don't be more people watching. Hopefully, a lot more younger curl will realize I can't very gonna roll in television, you know, covering motor sports bets off limits any more. We could do all of them and That's really important to me. I take that very seriously and and I'm honored to do it. I'm honored to be that one. But I didn't set out to be the first. You know, it's just kind of the way and I Happen to get involved in covering racing. Very young and at the right time when women were doing it all the time. You didn't see females faces covering racing of any sort that much is that part of it to Jamie? Of course, Supercross as well. X games. All of those things you have been there. Do your bosses. Do you think maybe they've shared that with you? I don't know, but that you have been in these situations a bunch of different times and you're always great is that part of the confidence that maybe they had is like this is this is what she does. I would think so, You know, I think the best compliment you can get it is when your boxers promote you, right? They don't need to say anything else that they promote you. They must believe in you and you've proven to them over the time that you are capable and that you're not going to fall on your face or make them look bad. I'm really thankful for possibly have given me so many first time opportunities that I never had before hosting, hosting a live show, a live event and super crossed. I mean, it put me in the booth and I did a play by play for a couple of affinity practices a couple years back. I mean, those are all things I never got to do in my entire career. So I thank them for that. That kid's confidence people when they can try something new and they can do it. They can expel and B deep in at it. I think that gives you a lot of confidence. And you know, it makes you brave and want to try things like this and be there for, you know, let the listeners know we're talking with Jamie Little Racing personality part of that great NASCAR on Fox team..

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