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Curtis Riley at free, safety because Beck. Stat line could've looked even oak Leear. Yes. There was a pick that went through a Riley's hands. I'd I mean, he can't get gifted an easier. Interception. And then Riley just wasn't able to to hang on. And that is new part of. What we have talked about with Curtis Riley pretty much all year. I think most of the interesting things to talk about happened. When the bears did have the ball. Whether it was giants defensive play or the bears doing some interesting things or risky things on offense. Let's get into you. I think my favorite play of the game. The Akeem Hicks rushing touchdown on fourth and one. I mean the bears needed to score there. I they took in their big three hundred thirty pound defensive liven. A put him in the backfield and just gave him the ball and let them plow through. And. I mean as much as it was a touchdown against the giants. I think we can all agree when people who aren't supposed to be scoring touchdowns scored touchdowns. That's part of what makes football very fun. It is that absolutely is just kind of flash back to the old movie. Well, it's old now doesn't feel like it should be old. But it is the replacements or have. John Madden calling games. Batman because the ball you get the Fatman touchdown. And then you get the Fatman touchdown. Deliberation. It's just I realized I murdered the quote too. But it's just fun. When that sort of thing happens like way back when? Henry high NAS key got his touchdown. And those are the kind of place that make all fun. You know, I think I would have loved to have seen the Chinese hand damn and Harrison the ball and let him run one in. Oh, God that would have been amazing. Maybe give it to be Jay hill. Munos? Yeah. There's there's opportunities there all is how to be fun. I just wish more coaches would realize that. Yeah. I think Matt Nagy is one of those guys who has realized that. And he was a guy who he took this game. He saw what his offense was doing. Andy realized it needed a little help. And it happened to be that some of that help was very fun. I mean, the the akiem Hicks touchdown came on a fourth and goal from the one they needed that touchdown. And that was their their Goto you play and later in the game. I think we need to talk about the entire like last two minutes of this game where the bears were down by ten drove down the field got to a fourth and three with a minute. Fifteen left in the fourth quarter down by ten..

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