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I'd like to see the battle of the retired news women locally, Kit Andrews. Against Carol Williams. What about Carol Williams? V. Normal, Rashid? It's either we can be sure I get around Robinson Cam e involved. Uh, yeah. Got to be retired, though they got to be retired. That is true. Yeah, that could be a rainy Ross involved Betsy Ross. My money is heavy on bets. Yeah, come on now, And do they do it for charity? That's is that I was just thinking about any of these matches would raise a ton of money. For charity. Let's talk to Kenan Mason about it, Ken, What do you have? Well, first of all normal can't wear her shoulder pads in that fight. Just so you know, nice. Well played. She was famous for that. As Jerry Springer. I would say, um, my fight would be Marty Brennaman. Against either two people. He seems to just like the most of his commentaries, either Jim Baden or Tony LaRussa ph. Jim Bone, You can't stand those guys. That's fun. Keep me up for it. I think he would. I don't think he'd back down Get to Tony LaRussa. He's a feisty old bird to Oh, Marty, and he's right. You still got so he's got that piss and vinegar and he's ready to rock and roll. Jeremy and Milford. Who do you want to see Fight? Man? I want to be a playoff. I want to see Chuck Schumer versus Jerry Nadler. And I want to see the winner of that takes on Gavin Newsom versus that shit. Oh, Adam Schiff. Yeah. Alright. There we go. Right? A lot of money there. You got. Hey, man, we're gonna we gotta We gotta be promoters. We have to promote this. We're giving away a million dollar ideas here. Give me one at a huge check to see me fight. Who would I like to see you. Right? See, I gotta Let me think about it for a minute because I have to see somebody. Do I have to think of someone Who would be a That you're not who's not going to destroy you, or you're not going to destroy them. I want to see you won't see. These two guys are swelling. What does all Clint Eastwood movies stripped to the waist in jeans? Come on, put them up chip standing at the background. I mean the whole nine yards. George, what's going on in Columbus? I'll tell you what. There's a lot that you guys are having a great show. My perfect my perfect match up. Is Gilbert Gnarly versus Willie. Given Harley G n I l Eva and I'm taking Gilbert all the way. I love it. That's uh That would be a good match. What about you vs wild man? Can we bring that back for charity? I think the American public would like to see that. You in the wild man. That would be much of a fight. You think you're taking our Helly now? Wild man. If you're listening, those are fighting words. He is beyond confident right now. So if you want to step in the ring and do some good for some money, not too confident that I can beat a lot of people up. But I'm pretty sure I can handle while man sounds like I dare to me. 749 7800 the big £1.700.

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