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Go the. Dean John's will. Come in here and keep you. Occupied until three thirty in the morning I'll bring dean. In a minute the two early, than I normally. Do for the crossover so. It'll be three of us but not yet Not yet Why don't you? Explain Jordan I. Jordan riches they're bad Morgan I should. Be, designed, Jordan, four, hours. No no no no no there's. A lot to go there Okay Hello Jordan richer back to join my friend Morgan for a little while and we are talking about, well a couple of things slogans from old Boston area ads also some, jingles and also the the individuals who promoted some of these products that they owned or. Operated so we mentioned salbutamol me and. Johnny. Pesky how about James sokoll off the Loyd Nashville doing? It he's doing. Right tell, them you mean? Business And. We've had a bunch of other names that. Have come through Nina's lightning that that one so anyone? Else on your. List let, me see here Let me. Put my glasses back Oh the no name restaurant back in the, days of the OJ Williams show and I love? The move there are you there Quite frequently right but on the old. Jerry Williams show Nick we come on Yup and Push not push but let everybody. Know about, the no name risk excuse, me the. Food and the ambiance things no-name and, when, Nick stop doing. That. Commercial They still sponsored the Jay Williams show So Jerry. Would do, the big old bus and, go down. To the no name restaurant very good Word word that's what. He said I remember that very well let's go to Ohio and speak to Duke to. Good evening How long do you gonna hey how you doing guys Duke Good to hear you. Good to. Hear your glad to hear, you, back on tonight thank, you Hey you know obviously people all over the country have their own individual. Stories. Similar to, the one you're talking about were, local people who've. Done ads for their. Businesses correct you know. A couple of those came came kind of legendary thanks to. Johnny Carson Do you remember to the things that Carson used to used to using a. Lot. Of gags, were to car dealers out on the west coast. One was Cal Worthington And his dog spot? And. Of course? You know spot was never? A dog he was a tiger he? Was a walrus he was a. Hippopotamus and. Then the other, one was Ralph Williams yes do you do you remember those to not. Only do I remember those two I got to meet. Cow Worthington you did this was an I, can't pinpoint the year whether it was ninety two and ninety eight but Carol was, in. With. The Barbary coast hotel hotel I as well had an. In with management and this was during one of the Super. Bowls and he was in the sweet Nick okay me and they had a pre pre Super Bowl party he wore a huge ring and the. Ring was a car Hubcap for. Exactly. And he introduced himself to me and I said you're. The guy Carson imitates overtime said yeah I made Johnny famous That's funny And. Ralph Williams Was well known all across Los Angeles in the lower part of of California for his low prices and great deals and hands across the. Sea friendship with the customers. So, to answer your question yes I do remember them And again Carson Carson kinda made those guys. So that the rest of. The, country do about them And yeah I I never. Met obviously never met Cal Worthington but I did, see his commercially. Quite quite a bit on, business always got a real chuckle out watching those. Cows a, big man he when I say big I'm gonna say flirted with three hundred pounds easily I didn't, know he was that big I know he was Hey hey let me since you guys are trivia about do you remember the? Movie? That Marty. Feldman made cold the, last. Remake. Of, beau jest I do I do remember that yes okay well the reason I bring this up if you'll remember there, was a scene where in the middle, of a battle scene. They did. A commercial for for honest I teams, Campbell sale remember, that I don't remember that bid but. Continue but it well Well. Just it was it, was. A. It, was a play on the couch or even had thing I mean it was basically a cow Worthington commercial the guy, that was playing on a team was, a comedic actor and. Comedian Avery. Schreiber oh I know Avery Schreiber from, burns and Schreiber Right exactly and he, did this scene. Where, he I mean. It was a, commercial you know a fake commercial in in a battle and. And it, was you know I mean, it was. Almost forward for word of something on on for the Cal worthy but the funniest part. Was, if you'll remember councils cows commercials out there They always, ended with, his jingle go see Cal go see Cal go see Cal well when they. When they did this and the Marty Feldman moment was, go CRT team Just, goes, to, show you the impact that Carson had to write make, it part of the culture and cut off his Yeah yeah and the fork in the road yeah Okay, guys. That's it just thought I'd all? Right Thank. You thanks a lot Bye-bye Maybe you've heard the story before I had caroliina on. This was back in the days all man when. I, was still. At HD h. Okay And we were talking about. Her career he was the blonde, that was frequently teatime movie lady right Carson regular and she was very bright and comedic. In her own timing and once I recognized her. Stick I did, the best I could to keep up and number long so. She stabbed to tell a joke And I've heard the joke before but she thought it, was a, funny joke and the way she told. It, was. A. Riot and there was a basketball player Marvin Barnes and he was not a. Nice person oh okay okay go figure He for whatever reason. Wouldn't, play. By. The rules He decided to rob a store in his neighborhood So the owner. Of the store, knew him because it's his neighborhood, it's this neighborhood the guys like. Six foot ten which narrows down who could be so Marvin Barnes has a, gun and give me all your money And the clerk said Marvin I know. That you under the mask you don't have to do this, if you need, money out give you money but you don't have to pull a, gun and caused a robbery maybe get involved with the police and all the things. That come along with that, and Marvin Barnes was in having any of it so Marvin Barnes finally said To the owner It ain't me Now you, can imagine Karen Wayne's voice. Telling this story Was? She not the one that, that lost her life though My drowning. From, not. Mistaken it, was an accident it was an accident yeah. Yep, but boy she was a huge part of. That show yes and they tried doing that bit without her I think they even add her sister Nina Wayne do the bit once the same no one could hold. A candle to just, standing, there, and vivacious you talk about women actresses. Obviously women actresses who have that, I want I'm, gonna. Use this quotation fingers dumb blonde. Approach right do you know? That. Lisa Kudo who did it on friends yes has an IQ about one sixty. And and, has an amazing level of intelligence you, know she's nothing like the character she plays which is. Often the case with any. Of these paycheck that's what these people want and the, dumb blondes, as you put it in quotations a laughing all the way. To. The blank are Bank past and present Absolutely I'll tell you what. Let me take my last break the, hour we've got two more calls to. Take and then I'm gonna. Bring dean Johnson so Joe and Tyrone don't Hang up you've been queued been placed in line stay put. Who. Gets you in mere minutes here I'm busy will the.

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