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Yeah i guess. So i mean i also like you know. There's never a bad time for floyd. This never a bad time for. I sound so old. I'll say there's never a bad time for van morrison but at the same time you know i also i've been listening to a lot of raila montaigne lately I love myself some ray. I listened to a lot of blues Jazz and my. It's funny i on my spotify playlist now. I have sort of one playlist which is kind of like my main spotify playlist and it has about fifteen hundred songs on it right. I'm sorry the so it will go from. It will go all over the map. And i'm i continually add things to it all the time And there's some bruce on there for sure what's funny is I don't remember what comedian. But i think it's so true he On your ipod. Which is now. Our phones rises. Every song on your ipod was a song you picked but then why so often do you hit skip when it comes to us as a sort of like. It's sort of like when you when you look at the the spotify selected for you or discovered for using sort of like you look at it and say am i really that boring and my. Who's who's the old boring man. Who did this. What jackson browne. What the hell. I know you mentioned that. We wanted to talk about bruce. So tell me. Do you remember when you first discovered versus music and your thoughts. Well let me ask you a question. I which is there. You are obviously like a disciple of bruce. No more like your full on disciple yes. He's number one above all else. Which i think is great. Which i think is really interesting. I in some ways. I kind of wish. I had an artist like that. I wish i did have an artist that i could get down on my knees and pray to on a regular basis instead of doing a little way in the sense that I mentioned before that i do i. I also perform musicals here and there. And so i love a stephen sondheim using music composer who did like into the woods. Sweeney todd of But bruce i was one of those people in high school..

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