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I'm glad I got a chance to watch him play and learn from him, you know, about social activism. He was awesome in that sense, Bill introduced me to Jackie Robinson. He really showed all of us how to deal with confronting the situations that we have to deal with as black Americans. Not to deal with it with anger but you know methodically go about trying to make lives. Better wage was awesome in that way. Jamaal Wilkes. The silky man. If you want to help out there shooting those long-range jumpers. He thought he was right there for us and help us win a couple of championships, always appreciate that. Barack Obama. Barack Obama will be an inspiration for Americans of all Stripes but especially for Black America. He has shown our nation off what our best qualities are. And you know, I think it's Langston Hughes Why someone who was divorced of the home run. So so, you know, a poet and social activist, he really helped give the civil rights movement of voice. Last but not least, Larry Bird Barber or arch enemy and great athlete and leader of the Celtics. And as much as I enjoyed reading the Celtics, I got that much respect for Larry. He was a glass set. Can't you know what? It's been a joy and I wouldn't really do want to thank you for carving out a little bit of your time. Spent with Showtime with Coupe any lasting words you have to say Hey, Google Chrome. You gotta set up to the law, you know, one more time, and love your green screen back there. Cap, you talk about going back to school..

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