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In Sattar he's going to join us in the next segment to stick around for Jerry Jerry just each and every week on the show and it takes a time at NFL games and I'm even gonna have them tell you what to live with somebody for ivory college football games that are under way Ohio state and Michigan the marquee game of the early portion at Ohio state just scored a touchdown as I was speaking JK Dobbins okay hand off and ran into the end zone so the Buckeyes go up twenty to thirteen having the extra point it could be twenty one thirteen the game should have been fourteen all of Michigan Mr P. A. T. on their first touchdown so that affected the marriage that's not good but the Michigan offense has played a lot better than anyone thought it would play but they're gonna need to keep scoring at the big house that they're gonna get back in this game so Dobbins escorted second touchdown of the day Ohio state continues to increase their lead over the wall rains extra point is good so twenty one thirteen Buckeyes over Michigan state keep up to date on that we had stringers throughout a bunch of the different marquee games including Georgia Georgia tech and climbs in and South Carolina so updates throughout this hour and we'll go to take your phone calls at eight hundred two two four two zero zero four and we'll talk all things NFL later this hour Evan Lazar covers the patriots we'll check in with him we cover them for C. L. and S. media talk about New England and the Texans one of the better games updates on Sunday night football right here in Houston over based tomorrow night's that could be a fun game I'm looking forward to being at that one I didn't want to get on this real quick Conor McGregor member hand he's.

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