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Hey everybody what's going on? I'm Rob Sister Nino an I'm Leon Harris and this is return. Yes that's right that's right. Liana. I'm good I'm good. I just got back. I've taken a shower. I've had a burger to eat and feeling much better. Yes We talking about Ponderosa videos. Okay all right everybody that we are In just the very beginning of the survivor off season okay. We are not wasting anything I think. Liana is not unlike myself in this after listening to the QNA on the mass singer. A RECAP EPISODE THAT. You don't want to throw anything away that kid you any wasted food that's right. I don't like to be wasteful. So every little nugget of survivor forty. I WANNA pick through and I want to put it to good use. You're not about the utility vegetable no utility vegetables. I have to respect people's order. They have to order what they're gonNA eat. Don't throw anything away. I'm just like Adam Klein here. We take everything we use it all. I'm not sure how many people went and watched the Honda Rosa Videos. But there's actually a lot of ponderosa footage. I'm not sure exactly. How much of it is essential viewing for every survivor viewer? But he we're here to talk about what you've seen or we we watched. You're welcome. Yes so we can tell you. Exactly what's out there here on this podcast? Yeah that's right okay. All right I can Ponderosa Liana of course that you had the BNB this weekend back with. Mike Bloom after I stole him away for a week. Gabby how was the finale edition of the BNB? I feel like Mike. Win Out with his friends and he is now going to get a tattoo and your returning to me. And he's now this bad boy. What have you done with my sweet man.

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