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Redondo eight. Eight strong innings They couldn't get into any runs and then. Paul comes up in the bottom of the ninth, hits that one and it was it was nice to see you. Give them something to cheer, for a little bit the SOX, fans are out there in Rhode Island starting to solidify himself. As a number one, for the south siders when, you're picking the draft you gotta be a number one and, that's what, he's going, be well, at the iron On the ballot If the army issues are the hang of that would be fantastic for the future of the rebuild to have this guy. Is your horse and then everybody else falls, in, line two three four in the rotation guys at maybe you and he'd be a one can be That'd be. The bullpen fit nice job also I tell, you, this guy fry you got the win but he's been he's been good the lefty Throws, hired Mary nice bears talk coming, up at the top, of the hour. But I want. To quit Quick read a little note we got her regarding STAN makida, read everybody knows Peter Longo The king Live on channel nine here with Dan Ronan on. Sunday nights I think it is with the trick shots and the. Golf tips, great guys Chicago guy Peter Longo semi little note. This week, he, said STAN. Mikita Murph just wanted to let you know. That none. I'm sorry, I misspoke of course that all of those stories about him giving back to the community where all true standi came a golf pro for a short time after retiring, from hockey and I got to know him. Quite well we played. Golf together I even was the emcee at. A stan- Makita roast wants down. In, Arizona anyway Murph I asked standard appear at celebrity fundraisers about four or five times charity events that I was. Involved in Peter, Longo says he, always came never charge either, just said when can I? Be there what time do you want? Me there and everyone knows and remembers or has read about and seeing Highlights or you know? I saw Fred what a great player? Was but it's just nice to also remind everybody that terrific Also Tell the story and people are all seeing all the great things about standing. There never find STAN had a sense of humor to it wasn't funny to me at the time Because I. Was a reporter trying to. Get sound out of him, in in Blackhawks locker rooms when I was working in sports phone and every time. STAN mikita saw a microphone come out he knew is being. Recorded I will little audio cassette which was what we had. Over at sports. Phone and we're. Gonna use them on I recorded message programs and every time STAN saw the microphone he would make sure every other. Word was a swear word so violent vulgar we couldn't use everybody, around me is a guy was trying to. Get us on our updates so. Much by STAN was amazing player you have to cover the last couple of years of his career and he would do it all the time he would talk to the reporters we give them great sound in, any you'd see a microphone get stuck in, there, and, he'd, make sure that every other word was a word that we could not use and. It wouldn't make any sense cut bleeping it all because it was like play play play play Sense of humor too late in his career with the Blackhawks tremendous tremendous player one, of the all time greats in Blackhawk history, maybe, the, greatest And I. Know I saw Play but let's go to Craig and, Brookefield wants to jump in, talked about STAN. Good. Morning Craig and Brooksville great great. To hear, from, you guys you know Mike I'm also an alum four-stroke Hello I enjoy. When you, bring, up you mentioned things no You know what to say today daily dollar-shorts because. You know you guys were talking about stand the other day but one question I have for, both of you and, now the. Crate Lloyd, Pettit who broadcasts it relied of, spam akitas. Career you know his call was always, a shadow. Go walk and I have never heard another broadcaster say goal they always say score and it doesn't matter what. Level doesn't matter what network doesn't. Matter what you're listening to it's? Always, a shot. A score you never, hear anybody say? She I think everyone wants to do it their own way out. In the bleachers and the day's shot and a beer because that's what we're looking for here people say Goldie you, don't hear. Him say, shot in a goal is as, much as. And you know and lied padded had, some of. The greatest of all time the fate my favorite light pet it was we lose the puck face faceoff back. After this foam you'd get a. Commercial and you can still hear Lied petted when you listen to Pat Foley who, grew up idolizing suburbs at listening and why not But it was the best I had one occasion one chance to, meet STAN Blackhawks game four or five years ago somehow I was up in one of the booths sweets and STAN was there Fan, was in our booth and He and his wife, were there, and it's very intimidating you know to just you don't wanna just walked up and then his sits down next, to me why the rest. Is you, know those little swing you know a twelve seats cross And you don't want to say Dan you, know oh what was your, favorite goal know who was the toughest guy you ever played against right so it sort of puts the pressure on you, you wanna talk to him you don't want to say anything like in Maine and like so I, don't know why but, this is, at the United Center and I used to go as we all did Fred back to the old days man, that plays a big bond. Was the, best that the l. Dr Oregon the, garden and he'd be. Pumping out as they, get to, the game like if it gets to the Blackhawks right when the gates opened an hour and a half before the game there'd be nobody in and they'd be playing, at echo your teeth would rattle, but, there were, famous, we later learn the old? Stadium? Had a very small rink which was built like? The? Olympia in Detroit and the original Boston gardens in. The original Madison Square Garden. The rinks wits was very not wide across at all like, the United Center so for, some reason I Don I gotta stand what was the difference back at the at the stadium right when it was only, whatever, eighty feet across instead of one hundred ten or you know He looks to me goes, no one's, ever asked me down and he did like ten minutes of. The different strategies involved at the larger is ranked the smaller and I suppose thank goodness something and he just, talked and what he was a great guy he absolutely, a wonderful guy last. Couple of years have. Been really tough with dementia and things like that and so STAN passing away this week hey the PGA championships going out right now Gary woodland year leader he has. A one-shot leading at ten, under par one shot better, than Kevin Kisner to. Back Brooks cap Nick and Rickie, Fowler three off the pace the list of four golfers including Dustin Johnson Charles Schwartz and Thomas Peters where's tiger where I think Tigers five or six shots back what's He's, at, four, under. Par six shots off the pace the PGA championship update brought to you by the PGA. Tour, superstore a golf, store, so, big, you, may, wanna, catty, the, PGA. Superstorm are the PGA tour, superstar make data has the largest selection of golf and tennis equipment and apparel you've ever seen don't miss the state of the art simulators indoor practice bays with video, playback and huge putting green whether you're a master of the. Game or just starting out..

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