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Actually know and one of the very first attempts at public holocaust. Education took exactly the opposite approach in the nineteen forties. The jewish theological seminary in new york city created radio program called the eternal light which was broadcast nationally by nbc. As part of their sunday morning religious program and the logs bacon command but children of israel that they bring onto the the eternal light is a little corny by today's standards. Okay maybe a lot corning but by today's standards. It's also almost shocking. because it's so unapologetically jewish. The eternal light told stories about king david and queen esther rabbi akiva and moses my monetize it had shows about jusin instant babylonia and jews in colonial america. It dramatized rabbinic stories and modern hebrew fiction and literary works and starting in nineteen forty-five it presented a lot of dramas about the holocaust and especially about young survivors at my orders. Sent catherine back to die. I don't wanna go back on the episodes about the liberation of buchenwald about the nuremberg trials about jews being murdered after the war in polish crumbs about survivors. Dying by suicide and loads of tearjerker stories about orphaned at traumatize jewish children. I understand chaplain here. We are not admitted in poland. Once again the crumbs. I want to stay here for three hours to me. What's most remarkable about these episodes. It's how aggressively jewish. They are jeremiah. At the door of the king of judah woe unto him build his house by unrighteousness and his chambers buying justice of course the eternal light had. It's own agenda. Many of these episodes ended with appeals to the audience to help survivors and as part of nbc's religious programming that stayed on the air. Well into the nineteen sixties. The show also gave american jews a place alongside protestants and catholics in the cold. War fight against the godless soviets. But what's so astonishing. Today is how this nationally broadcast show did not hesitate to present. Its jewish characters as jews and especially its jewish children. One typical episode is the voice of rachel which aired on december thirtieth nineteen forty five like daniel story at the holocaust museum. It's about a child survivor. From a western european country in this case an eight year old boy from france. But if this kid was on the soccer team we are not hearing about it when he arrives in new york with other jewish orphans. He claims to.

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