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Massive investment in new green energy technologies and programs as if we haven't been paying enough. They also have the term redistribution. That's another takeover of the American economy precisely time when we're doing so well, so this program it's been tried before the money's been flowing in how long are we going to pay for failure? Misanthrope? We believe that there is an enormous opportunity here, and we need to pursue things. Like green infrastructure. Let's use basic common sense to really alternately and finally transitioned to the clean energy economy that people voted for in November that we clearly need. Look. We just found out yesterday from UK scientists the US scientists aren't actually able to do their job because of this ridiculous Trump shutdown offer the stake of his phobic and wasteful wall. So we found out from UK scientists that two thousand eighteen was the hottest year on record. That was followed by two thousand fifty was the fourth hottest year on record and the only three hottest years above that two thousand fifteen two thousand sixteen in two thousand seventeen twenty of the hottest year, the twenty hottest years on record have all happened in the last twenty two years. We are just off of a year that saw the deadliest forest fire in California that saw record hurricanes extreme weather is happening. It is caused by climate change. And to say that we should not be. Doubling down on clean energy that we should continue to subsidize dirty polluting fossil fuels is just absurd. Let's go to calls. This is Emily in Louisiana sorry in Orleans, Massachusetts, you're on with our guests. Go ahead. You start off. Hi, I live in Massachusetts. And I'm very concerned about climate change. And I was wondering if my child could talk a little bit about the new members of congress, and what they're planning to do to help the situation is there a specific from these news members as far as making this happen. Thanks for the question. We have seen the green deal proposed by Alexandria, Cossio Cortez. Who's clearly a tremendous champion for climate change. We have seen many members of congress who want to renew US commitment to international leadership on climate change. We see lots of new members who are very interested in the select committee on climate change were really delighted that that's going to be chaired by Kathy castor from Florida who has longtime leadership both in fighting to protect the Tampa Bay and also in being on the energy and commerce committee. She has a ninety three percent on national environmental scorecard, and we expect there's going to be a lot of energy as I mentioned, there are many veterans and public servants who've experienced I. Hand the need to protect and fight climate change because how vulnerable it makes us around the world. So it's interglacial initally tied to our national security and our climate security. There are in longtime environmental Justice advocates like Ronca Escobar and Slavia Garcia who have spent much of their careers fighting for the communities that are hurt first and worst by pollution, frontline communities and communities of color. So we could not be more excited. There are actually of the sixty three New Democrats fifty six of them have committed to one hundred percent clean energy by twenty fifty. That is a thrilling statistic, and we are so excited after eight years of doing battle with the most anti environmental administration ever to go back on offense and to finally do badly needed accountability of this Trump administration. Members of congress on this new select committee that was formed to take a look at these issues. What do you think of those efforts? Well, it's what you would expect from Nancy Pelosi's house leadership. But I think most members of the Senate I think President Trump and his administration they realize that these assertions of global warming doom and gloom. They're not backed by science or simply surgeons so earlier tune in mentioned twenty seventeen is being a a year for record climate disasters. Well, what we saw is it in two thousand seventeen we set a record for the smallest percentage of the United States being covered by drought in two thousand seventeen we finally ended the longest period in recorded history without a major hurricane striking the United States in two thousand seventeen and twenty seven eighteen we've set a record low for the number of tornadoes in this country and at the same time we've had record increases in global crop production. So it's one thing to throw out assertions. But if you look at the data if you look at the science what we see objective facts show us that as as the planet. Modestly warms, we're not seeing these catastrophes look out you win. Look at your daily lives life. If anything is getting better as a result of a wall. It's the rhodium group that has a survey out today saying that comes to greenhouse gases. This report today that that's a three point four percent in this year alone. What do you think about that? In light of everything you've started sure, and we have somewhat rising carbon dioxide emissions. And at the same time what we see is record low hurricanes record-low tornadoes record crop production etcetera. The measure of this issue isn't whether the earth is warming, isn't whether humans are causing some part of it. The measure is what are we expecting to happen as a result? And when we look back at historical data, and we look at today's presentation we project into the future based upon the past and the present the scientific evidence shows that we're nowhere near creating this crisis. That chairman another say is going on. James? It's two thousand nineteen. This is this is in various saying this is horrifying these views are dangerous and they're flat out wrong. I just it's breathtaking that you would continue to come on the air and say these things that are just patently false. I mean, literally it is excuse me. Excuse me. May I finish? It is the case that scientists are as confident that humans are causing climate change as they are that smoking causes cancer and to suggest otherwise in two thousand nineteen is just astounding. But we're not we're not here. The notion of denying climate change is so fringe and so- marginalized, and we have Republicans across the country Republican governors who are actually if not out of concern for climate change out of recognition that doubling down on clean energy is good for our economy. And it's creating good paying jobs who are taking this threat. Very seriously people like my Cogan next door in Maryland or Charlie Baker in Massachusetts. So we have Republicans around the country. We have Mike Fitzpatrick, a member of congress from Pennsylvania who just got reelected who's who has introduced a carbon Bill. So to have Republicans who are still on air denying climate change is just beyond. The pale spy can interrupt though because that's a personal that's the personal attack. The facts are that Republicans are not denying climate change. You just heard me say that the planet is warming that humans are probably causing it. Brought the real issue is whether we creating a climate crisis percents specific data specific facts, and you didn't present any so personal. Tax and lecturing and all that and you're tone like that that doesn't do anything to enhance the debate into enhanced the information is being exchanged I prison, if I'm wrong show me where I'm wrong present data don't just mentioned attacks. Don't you sit there and bring up things that you can't beco-? We've already talked about the devastating and the record breaking fourth fires that occurred over the course of two thousand eighteen and in fact forest fires in California have become so much more intense so much more frequent fifteen of the twenty largest forest. Fires in California have occurred since two thousand let's talk about hurricanes. We saw four devastating cyclones two thousand eighteen alone. He's are fuelled by climate change. Let's talk about the devastating impact that climate change is having on our oceans on people's health. And let's get let's get serious about this this. This is a conversation about looking forward about doubling down on American ingenuity and innovation and how do we work together to bring about this allusions that Americans in this country clearly put in a call on our Republican line. This is from Louisiana Ray. Go ahead. Yes. I'm just curious as to how and who's going to pay for our socialized medicine. We're talking about environmental issues and back to the idea of paying for it. Then specifically that if you want these elements of the new green, you deals specifically what's the best way to find that? Well, as I tell my children in terms when you make a mess, you clean it up. So certainly there's a role for polluters to pay for the mess that they have made. But there are a lot of industries and corporations who are very focused on addressing the climate crisis who see the economic benefits that can come from a clean energy economy. And of course, the government has a role to play and we look forward to really making the goals of one hundred percent clean energy or the green new deal or any of the other proposals and solutions the positive forward-looking solutions cities serious problems into effect over the coming months that said we still have really a climate denier in the Senate Senator Mitch McConnell, so and then we have again, the most antibi- mental administration. We've ever had President Trump. I mean, normally we would have waited until the end of his first. Year to give him a letter grade. But it was so clear in the first two months. He an F was too too. Good of a great for this president. So it's not as if we're about to get major climate and energy legislation enacted into the law. We have high hopes for the house, but we also need to continue to make crystal clear to people all across this country. What does this mean for the air that they breathe for the water? They drink for the land and the wildlife that they cherish. I know as a mother I want to protect our environment, and our planet leave it better than where I found it. So there are all kinds of ways that we can get serious about the policy proposals. And how we're gonna pay for it for the cost of an accident. Something a cost it is just too great to bear. Especially for future generations. What's wrong with idea of polluters pay for these kinds of situations? The other funding streams that she mentions. Well, first of all, I think it's important to acknowledge the callers concern because part of the green new deal is universal healthcare they marketed as a green new deal, but in it imposes universal healthcare takeover of our health care industry in imposes a new government run banking system, it imposes a requirement that anybody who wants a job can get one and much higher wages, and you can get off and in the private sector. It requires it Americans turn in their gasoline, powered automobile surrender them to the government by twenty thirty who's going to pay for that in the language itself. It uses the term massive that's a quote massive investment to pay for all this who's going to pay for. It's a fantastic question because we're already taxed heavily enough. We're already paying ten billion dollars per year on climate change programs. Where are we going to get this money? I mean, why don't we just legislate pixie dust for everybody in a million dollars every year on handouts? You have to pay for it somehow missing fell to those other elements that he talks about jobs and other. Like, why should that be part of the green you deal the deals? So the goals of the green new deal have been put forward. There are going to be many committees who are going to be getting to work on. How do we move forward and addressing the climate crisis? We've talked about the select committee. There's the energy and commerce committee were delighted at that is now going to be led by Frank Pallone, who's a longtime clean energy and environmental champion with ninety six percent lifetime. And I'll save is national environmental scorecard, which is here..

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