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Comics of all time one of the biggest TV hosts in the history of TV hosts also a guy who by his own admission never got much love from critics the guy who got cast more or less as the villain in the late night battles with David Letterman Conan O'Brien all talk with them about those battles in the past now and he's more reflective selective but it's still hard to pierce the veil. It's hard to know how he feels about that stuff. One thing though is crystal-clear comes to Jay Leno. He loves to work above pretty much everything else so it won't surprise you to learn if he's spending what could be his retirement making a television show. It's called Jay Leno's garage it airs on. CNBC and it's not by accident that Jay has been doing this as long as he has is. He still a disarming interview still charming and Witty and quick on his feet. He's hilarious. He is very very good at what he does. Here's the episode from the newest season of Jay Leno's garage. He's talking with Charlie. Sheen and they're chatting about Charlie's role in the one thousand nine hundred eighty six car movie. Remember your kid. Who is when you come back as a car. It's it doesn't make a lot of sense to me still but it's a true stories obviously interested yes yeah. I've come back as this car but as a spirit wraith right to to seek revenge on the road gang that killed me of course all right okay my my brother works at a burger joint. My Ex love interest is now with the leader the gang so this is based on your own family hundred percent yeah you know because this is about the time platoon coming out right yes of course the Kademi award award-winning film. I shot this pit. Stop on the way to the Philippines to make La- tune so this came out in the theaters before platoon right came out and Oliver actually they went Oliver Stone wanting to saw it in the movie theater and called me so angrily afterwards. Why do you think this is going to ruin. He says you cannot do films like this. What is this movie about. What are you a car your car and perhaps you've ruined platoon jalen welcome to bulls. I'm really glad to have you on the show. Thanks that it was probably the most enthusiastic thank you ever received. Appreciate it well. I'm I I'm absolutely delighted that you've arrived at my door in costumes Jay Leno that's right. That's right. You're wearing your signature denim on denim. Yeah you know people say why this well. It's just because people we'll see you and that is a joke. They like one year is a joke. The writers gave me fifty two shirts one for every day of the week okay. Thanks you guys okay and then like every every sponsor. Oh we know you like Oh. We gave you a denim thing with our coca. Cola put emblem and I cut the emblem off and just wear the shirt so ultimately I I have at last count five hundred eighteen to these shirts and I think four hundred twelve pairs of jeans I'm not I'm not GonNa lie to you Jay. I've never met you in person. This is the first time I met you in person. You look very handsome in the shirt. I thank you thank you very much. Look very handsome. Compliments here is especially with the Silver Fox thing. You've got going on and that's really intentional. The Silver Hawks thing did you famous for driving around Los Angeles in unusual motor vehicles such shoe. Did you come here in a regular car or an unusual came here regular car because you don't bring anything unusual downtown. La Believe me you don't that's that's only for Burbank Yeah Yeah. It's really just yeah my cars. Leave going to big circle and then go back to the original location so I you know if they don't know where I'm going. I just take a regular car. I think a lot of people who are automotive enthusiasts are into like the most powerful fastest car or the car that projects the image image of the most power in fastness. Whether it's you know an Italian sports car or a you know an American muscle car. You're very well known for loving living cars from the brass era I like every kind of I liked noble failures. I like cars that were ahead of their time in their time. That didn't in quite make it you know yeah. I like anything unusual like you know my buddy of mine. He lives in. He lives in Holland. He has my favorite car car. It was it's called the Swan car. It was built for an Indian Maharajah and it has giant Swan head but this wanted is very the angry it shoots boiling water on pedestrians if they if they get out of it you present and it goes out of the mouth come to stream of scalding hot water view the people would literally so he would drive this thing with this big swan hand in the front and when people got close to the car he just press the button and and this boiling hot would come out in skull. The puppy ends of the street. They're horrible thing but it just it just made me laugh as great card AH perfect for. La Really you grew up to first and second generation immigrant parents write. Your father was Scott. Your mother Wisconsin town the funniest combination. It is a very unusual I mean. The Scots are known for their you know cold weather hardiness. Yeah you know the funny part was when I would go to my aunt Nettie House. That was my mother's sister. Would you scungy me like a school in it. She gave me the stale biscuit and then she'd say would you like Coca Cola Jimmy and she kept it in the cupboard and she'd say you know Jamie. It tastes tastes the same whether it's not seem refrigerated costs money it silly to put Coca Cola frigid and then she'd pour me this Kokin all the phys were becoming out of it as she port and I get the stale biscuit you know and I it was horrible. Then I go to the Italian side all my the Zonta in meatballs and it was funny because I was has always pulled in two directions you know as a little kid scotch people. They've got genie cheapie. Look at the Waist Jamie the Italian people only eight people here. There must be thirty five meatballs. That's that's crazy Jimmy to waste food like that. It's terrible thing you know and then the Italians have scotch people. They're all cheap Jane and whatever here five dollars you know and and both sides love me me equals. I guess but it was just funny to watch them. Each try to win me over with their own particular philosophy of of how life was and how you should live your life and it was just a just a funny experience. Just this is why this current situation with the immigrant thing just makes me so angry. Now living in America makes you inherently lazy and you always need that new blood to come in all the time when I used to go Jay walking. You know we'd not doors and ask people questions. I remember when to one the house and the grandfather who spoke only Spanish and he was dressed. Although he's of his house he had a sport coat on not expensive for anything but he he was dressed nicely and then his son who spoke Spanish and English came to the door to explain his father's and he was just kind of like I dress and then I met his teenage son who had like a F. U. T. Shirt on it some Kinda hat and he spoke no Spanish and he's had some video game but his hand wasn't paying attention and it just made me laugh to watch this degeneration as you become more American you get seduced by pizza and hamburgers and cars and rock and roll and it just to watch it sort of frivolous fairly fluid away you know and I it just it just I. I always remember that just made me laugh. You know you had an older brother who y went to Gail Law brothers in the service and so on and so forth and US ten years old if I remember right right it's going to be what are you gonNA. WanNa do with. Jr's remember my parents haven't that's. What are you going to do with James. I was like because I was not I was not I was not a good student in fact when I was in High School Guidance Counselor 'cause my mother and she says I'm sitting there. She Goes Mrs. Let let me ask. You haven't taken Jay out of school. No ought to teach you how to schooling in where he works at McDonalds. Doesn't you know they have that McDonnell university he could go to they would teach them how to make change. I'm going hey I'm in the room. Hey Hello and then he said something. That's to this day makes me laugh. He said you know Mrs. Leno education is not for everyone. Hey what are you doing so when I got the tonight show I actually voted Mr to kneel who was my guidance counselor at the time to come sit in the audience and I singled him out and I told that story just very funny doesn't sound funny to be it but it doesn't sound like a funny thing to have experienced. Oh it's please. It's alright. It's you know I was always pretty off off the cuff. I was no I'm. I'm pretty thick skin so it was. It just made me laugh. I'm sitting there. You Know Mrs Leno Education's not for everyone go hey. I'm in the room but I mean like re. Were you even thick-skinned like as a God knows I wasn't that I'm not that exciting now but I wasn't when when I was a teenager I mean I'm sure it affected me more than that. Well put it this way. It's it's funny in the telling. After you've been successful this I'm sure or if if if I was digging dishes and then guys scouser told me sounds told me to go dig ditches you know how did do.

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